I have a wonderful collection of antique and vintage tea pots.

by Lynda Brown
(Ottawa,Ontario. Canada)

An antique Japanese Teapot

An antique Japanese Teapot

Over the years I have acquired an amazing collection of antique and vintage teapots, tea tins and cups with saucers.
I have photographed most of them and will share the pictures
on this page throughout 2010. I might add that when I travel unlike other tourists who buy souvenirs I sample and bring different teas home to enjoy.

Hi Lynda

We would like to thank you for sharing. Some teapots are so beautiful as well as useful. We and our readers are excited that we will get to see more of you collection.

Feel free to tell us where you were when you found all your lovely pieces. I hope you use them all as often as you can.

I too like to try new and different teas while I'm away. My latest find was an African rooibos tisane that reminds me of the red hot hearts we used to get. This tea has the cinnamon flavor of the candies with a delightful sweetness coming through. It can be fun to experience something less serious in a tea once in a while.

Thanks again
Connie and Crew

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