How to brew green tea

Learn how to brew green tea while you learn green tea facts

green teaIt really isn't hard to learn to brew green tea. Let's talk about some green tea facts that will affect the finished drink. You know my feeling is that loose leaf green tea is much higher quality than tea bags. We know that tea bags only contain tea dust and fannings ( very small clippings). Open a tea bag and compare what is inside to a teaspoon or so of loose leaf green tea.

Green tea leaf tea

You will immediately notice the difference. The very high quality leaf tea will contain whole leaves. Other good quality loose leaf green tea will have both whole leaves and some broken leaves. The broken leaves will still be a good size.

How to make green tea

We will need to have certain items to brew green tea.
Good filtered water
A kettle for heating water
A tea infuser to place the green loose leaf tea in
A measuring spoon or scale (if you use gram weight to measure)
A tea pot to brew in
A timer (very important)
Tea cups

How to brew green tea let's get started

Green loose leaf tea requires a lower water temperature than black tea. Water that is too hot will reduce the delicate sweetness of the green leaf tea. It will also allow a bitterness to come through in the taste. Because there are so many varieties of green loose leaf tea always read the manufactures suggestion on water temperature. Different harvesting time and growing time affects how we brew green tea. Generally the best temperature will fall between 140 and 180 degrees F.

As our water is heating in the kettle prepare your tea pot by heating it with hot water. Measure the correct amount of leaf tea and place it into your infuser basket or tea ball. Example: The recommended amount of Chinese green tea named Dragon Well is one teaspoon of loose leaves for every eight ounces of water.

When the water is at the correct temperature (again using the example of Dragon Well green leaf tea) of 180 degrees F -it is time to start brewing the leaves. Pour the water that has been heating your tea pot out and place the tea infuser into the pot. Pour the water from the kettle over the leaves and place the lid on the tea pot.

Learn how to brew green tea with proper timing

green teaUsing the example of Dragon Well green tea again set a timer for two to three minutes. Why is the timing important? Over brewing the leaves will cause the liquor to become bitter tasting. If you want a stronger tasting tea use more leaves, do not brew longer.

When the timing is done remove the tea infuser from the pot and set it aside.Pour the liquid into your tea cup, it's ready to enjoy. Don't throw the tea leaves away, they can be re-infused to brew more tea.

Sit back, relax, it's time to enjoy your cup of tea.

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