Hosting a Tea Party For Mom

A Mother's Day Tea Party Says Your Special

Hosting a tea party for mom is a great mother's day tea way to spend quality time with your mother and have fun too! A small intimate gathering gives you and your mother time to have uninterrupted girl talk and enjoy some tea and delicious tea treats.

If there are grandchildren, it is a great way to start a new family tradition for future Mother’s Days.

The most important first step is to find a date and time that will work for you and your mother. Its not written in stone that we celebrate our moms on the designated “Mother’s Day”. What is important that you set aside special time to make you mom know how important she is to you.

The next step to hosting a tea party is to decide on a theme. You may want to make it elegant, casual, or a fun dress up themed tea party. The question is “which would your mother enjoy ”? Think about it and decide what is the best way to go.

Make and send invitations in keeping with your theme. Inform your guests of the dress expectation.

What ever the theme, make sure you plan for the weather and climate for your area. Some areas may have warm weather and you may choose to have your afternoon tea outside.

If the weather is still cool, plan an indoor affair. If you have small children, you may consider a separate children’s table. Depending on the age of the children, you may want to cover the table with a roll of white paper as a tablecloth. Supply crayons and allow the children to create a mother’s day celebration table covering.

What ever theme you choose, try to get tea party centerpiecesome fresh cut or potted spring flowers to decorate for a look of springtime.

Planning your menu and preparing in advance takes the stress out of hosting a tea party and will allow you to enjoy yourself.

I like to make what my family calls “tea puffs”. They are crème puffs that I fill with sweet and savory fillings. I will share my family recipe with you, so that you can start your own “tea puffs” tradition.

An afternoon tea party menu for Mother’s Day may include:

Prepare ahead set up the table for the tea party in advance

You might set up a lovely buffet-style serving area. To make your table look eye appealing, use boxes or containers of different heights and place them strategically on the table. Then cover them with the tablecloth. You could take material from the fabric store that goes with your theme or colors and use this on the table as well. Drape it artfully and make it eye catching.

Plan ahead of time where you are going to place the savory dishes, the desserts and candies. Fill in the open gaps on the table with your theme decorations. A flower arrangement, decoration or candle placed between the serving dishes adds to the festive look.

Of course, if this is a more intimate gathering, a table with a linen tablecloth, a fancy folded napkin and a place card, all with your theme or colors, makes for a beautiful setting as well. Music to fit the occasion will top off the ambience for the party.

Taking time to enjoy Mother’s Day with a leisure afternoon tea gives you an opportunity to spend time in a relaxed atmosphere. These are the moments memories are made of. Hosting a tea party for that special lady that brought you into the world is a “good thing”.

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