Hosting a tea party for a new neighbor

Making plans for hosting a tea party

Tea in garden

When a new neighbor moved in next door. My friend Patty and I planned on hosting a tea party to welcome her to the neighborhood. We called it a "Welcome neighbor tea party " and invited some of our friends.

We decided on a date and time of our tea party get together.

We started planning the details next.

Tea party menu ideas

Indian Silver Tips, Makaibari White Tea

Iced Tea
Peach Rooibos

Sun Raisin
Just Scones
Devon cream

Tea sandwiches
Ham and Swiss
Chicken salad
Mint Cucumber

Finishing touches
Mixed melons
Small chocolate tarts
Cookie wafers

Tea party decoration

Welcome neighbors door wreath
Bathroom stocked with lotion, tissues and extra hand towels
Lilacs arrangements


1 small one in bathroom
1 living room side table
1 dining room buffet

Dining room chairs decorate with lavender sashes
Blooming tea at each seat instead of a center piece (I have these on hand)
White table cloth
Lavender table runner and napkins (borrow these from Karen)
Grandma's china plates, (they are smaller than a dinner plate, but larger than a dessert plate) silverware and various tea cups.(not meant to match) These are precious tea party accessories handed down and treasured. I love having the opportunity to display them.

Hosting a tea party will help everyone get acquainted

We asked each guest to be prepared to talk about themselves for a few minutes, hopefully giving our new neighbor time to settle in with us, get to know us and feel comfortable. We also asked them to provide name, address, phone number and other things of interest about themselves on a 3 X 5 card to give to our new neighbor if they wanted to.

Some of us enjoy going antiquing. If that turns out to be something she likes doing we'll invite her on our next day trip. I'm always on the look out for vintage tea services or delicate porcelain tea cups and saucers. In fact, I'll be using some lovely victorian tea party supplies I purchased on our last antiquing trip soon. We have a traditional English afternoon tea at least once a year.

We have a small group of tennis players that are always looking for others who like the sport. The women's club holds a Bridge (card game) luncheon once a month. We surely will have something that will be just her cup of tea.

Patty suggested that each of us bring our favorite tea party recipe to share with her. Our new neighbor would be asked last to chime in and tell us about herself.

I asked each guest to send a photo of themselves as a baby or small child. We would try to guess which picture was our new neighbor (I had personally stopped at her house to extend the invitation so she was prepared for this. Her name is Beth.)

Patty asked one of the guests, a scrap booking enthusiast, to tell us a little about how it is done. She'll bring one of her books for us to admire. She really does a wonderful job.

Hosting a tea party and giving a tea lover gift basket

I let everyone know that we wanted to provide all the information a newcomer might like to have in some kind of file. I had asked them to email me with recommendations. I really got lucky here. Patty wanted to handle this project; she publishes a news letter and had some great ideas.

We would include info on:

Massage therapists
Hair and nail salons
Favorite bakeries
Supermarkets, including organic ones
Farmer's markets
Health clubs and spas
Local cab services
House cleaning services worthy of recommendation
Dining out in categories of least to most expensive
Eateries that offer home delivery
Movie theaters
Live plays
Shopping centers
Public transportation
Public library
Auto mechanics
Local calendar of upcoming community activities
Area's of interest near by and within 50 miles
Driving directions
I planned a trip to my local Triple A to pick up maps of our city and state.
The municipal building sells maps just of our town. I put that stop on one of my lists.

I also planned to make a tea gift basket with loose leaf tea, scones, chocolates and a small teapot with a brew basket and some other things.

Hosting a tea party is fun and easy when you have a plan. Now let's get on to the lists.

Patty and I need a Guest list
5 neighbors, plus ourselves and our guest = 8 people

Menu list already done as the plan was developed

Teas we will be serving
Have all on hand

What will I make list-and check the recipes


What do I have on hand
Flour (but buy more)
Baking powder
demerara sugar
Homemade Strawberry jam

What do I need
Fresh milk
Sour cream
Unsalted butter
Sun Raisins
Devon cream

Tea sandwiches

What do I have on hand
dried cranberries
curry powder
apricot jam
spicy brown mustard

What do I need
Pepperidge farm breads
whole wheat
chicken breasts
red delicious apples
green onions
seedless cucumbers
fresh mint leaves
black forest ham
swiss cheese


What do I have on hand
What do I need
mixed melons (wholefoods, morning of)
whipping cream

Tea lover gift basket

What do I have on hand
fancy sugar crystal sticks

what do I need
Container or basket
small tea pot with brew basket
loose leaf tea (three diffeent kinds in tins)
small jar of honey
something chocolate, hershey kisses, fudge,truffles???
small potted flowering plant
timer ( if Beth is going to make loose leaf tea- I want her to do it right)

I made my menu grocery list by copying and pasting-- the what do I need--sections of what I have above. See my finished list here,

What will we buy already prepared

frest fruit salad made daily from (whole foods)
small chocolate and nutella tarts (ordered from Carlo's Bakery)

Patty and I had hosting a tea party well in hand. You can see it's easy with a good plan and lists. Take a look at the rest of the lists for this party. If a new neighbor moves in feel free to use some variation of our plan.

Tea party ideas

Mother's Day
Bridal Shower Tea

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