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Hibiscus Tea is Made From a Beautiful Flower

This plant adorned my porch this summer
hibiscus flower

The health benefits of hibiscus tea are stealing the spotlight from the green and white teas. Asians have long known the benefits of drinking Hibiscus tea. The world of science is now validating those benefits.

This tea is made from the hibiscus flower called Hibiscus Sabdariffa. This plant is in the mallow family (Malvaceae), and is grown in warms temperatures and tropical climates.

In the February 2009 issue of Internal Medicine magazine, a recent study revealed that herbal tea may help to control high blood pressure. The study showed that drinking three cups of tea everyday actually lowered blood pressure. The top number of a blood pressure reading is known as the systole or systolic number. In this study, the systolic pressure was lowered, on the average 7 points. This is significant, as any drop in pressure, over time can dramatically reduce the chance of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

The most important thing about this study was that the benefits of drinking hibiscus tea had the same results as a doctor would expect from a prescribed blood pressure medication. Of course, there will need to be more extensive studies done to discover if drinking this tea will maintain a lowered blood pressure over time.

Medical benefits of Hibiscus

Hibiscus tea is known to be loaded with flavinoids and phenolic acids. These are very powerful antioxidants that may also be responsible for the cholesterol lowering ability of this herbal tea.

Many dieters drink Hibiscus for its diuretic benefits. It must be noted that, although drinking this tea can lower your blood pressure, it is important to note that you do not want to become over enthusiastic about drinking hibiscus tea. If you are taking one or multiple medications for you blood pressure, drinking too much tea can cause you to become hypotensive or experience low blood pressure. Three cups of tea a day, hibiscus tea, that is, will relax and calm you, as well as lower your blood pressure.

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