Herbal Tea Recipes
Why Not Create Your Own

herbs mintThe words, herbal tea, conjure up thoughts of herbal tea recipes and ancient herbal remedies. Many make these teas for the pure pleasure of enjoying the sensual experience. For them, it is all about the experience. Growing and picking the herb from the garden, to enjoying the fragrance and flavor when the hot water is poured over the freshly picked leaves.

Others grow herbs in the garden for specific recipes for medicinal herbal teas.

Reasons for creating and perfecting your own herbal tea recipes:

Health Benefits - Many want herbal teas as a treatment for a condition. Knowing they are free of preservatives and additives is important to them. For many individuals, growing them at home is an extra added attraction. There are herbs that can be grown and made into a tea for most any ailment or condition.

Cost - Growing your own herbs can be very cost effective, can be done in pots year round in the home and can be a lot less than store bought herbs.

Taste - Using fresh herbs is always better tasting than dried herbs. Even if you dry your own herbs, as you mix and match, you are able to perfect you own recipes to your preferences and strengths.

It’s a learning adventure - Nothing is more fun than to learn and experience new and different things. Herbs have different tastes and aromas. It is a wonderful experience for your senses, and it is a stress free way to learn about something new.

What do you need to make herbal tea?

Herbs – You can grow your own herbs or order them here. Either way you will want to know your are getting high quality organic. Seed or actual herbs this is where I go for the best. I do not want seeds that have been tampered with or herbs that have been sprayed.

Tea Brewing Equipment – Teapot, tea infuser, a tea ball or tea strainer. A spice grinder is necessary if you grind seeds.

Ice cube trays - Take fresh herbs, and cut the leaves right off the plant, lightly wash them. If you cut too many leaves, put them in ice cube trays, cover with water, and freeze. You will be able to use later to make tea or flavor a meal you are making.

Tips for creating your own herbal tea recipes

When creating your own herbal tea recipes, you can use almost any mixture of herbs you would prefer. It is important that if you do chose to you pick wild herbs that you make sure to utilize a an herb field guide, so you don't confuse an herb with a poisonous plant.

When you are creating a recipe, you may consider mixing as many as three herbs together. Add about a teaspoon of each to your tea ball. For a fresh single herbal tea, use a Tablespoon. You can get creative and make a blend of dried herbs, even adding dried fruits and berries.

Store them in airtight containers. You can even consider making these perfected dry mixes to give as gifts. Make your own herbal tea gift basket. You really can't make a mistake when creating herbal tea. If you make a mix you don't like, try again until you find the mixture to suit your taste buds.


If experimenting is not our cup of tea take a look at our new Herbal Tea Recipes Book. You are sure to find a tea you would love to try making.


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