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Drink Herbal Tea Recipes: Live a Healthy, Happy Life

herbal tea recipesYour-Cup-of-Tea Herbal Tea Recipes offers over 100 simple remedies to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. These are not recipes that you will read once and never be able to find again.

The table of contents in Herbal Tea Recipes has clickable links to make finding a recipe easy.

Have you been disappointed in ebooks you have purchased that are just boring words typed up in a word program. Not so with this book, it is beautifully illustrated and professionally formatted for easy reading.

You will see pictures of many of the herbs talked about to help you identify plants you may be looking to plant in your own garden. Take a peek inside this must have book. Imagine the herbal tea remedy you will create.

    herbal tea recipes

        herbal tea recipes

Here is just a taste of what you will find in the
Herbal Tea Recipes E-Book

Herbal tea remedies to help you:

tea cup Relieve stress
tea cup Boost your immune system
tea cup Lose weight ? Improve digestion
tea cup Ease respiratory problems
tea cup Prevent arthritis
tea cup Sharpen mental focus
tea cup Relax
tea cup Release pain
tea cup Fight allergies
tea cup and more!

No matter what your skill level, youÂ’ll learn how to brew the perfect cup of tea with the friendly step-by-step direction offered in this immediately downloadable e-book. Choose the right herb for your tea blend by understanding the healing benefit of each herb.

The ten page glossary included in this eBook describes herbs and their properties that make them effective natural remedies. Many people think it is time to take charge of their health and they are turning to herbal and natural remedies rather than synthetic man made medicines.

Herbal Tea Recipes E-book discounted to $19.97 as an introductory price.

SPECIAL BONUS for Your Cup of Tea Customers: herbal tea bath recipesWhen you place your order you will also receive a special bonus of The Herbal Tea Bath and Shower Book. This ebook is full of information to give you the herbal properties you need for the condition you need to ease. Read about herbs for:



Relaxing bath
Herbs for a stimulating bath
Herbs for a soothing bath
Herbs benefiting dry skin
Herbs benefiting oily skin
Herbs benefiting normal to dry skin
Herbs for skin softening and healing
Herbs to relax the muscles and relieve pain
Herbs to relieve cold and respiratory conditions
Herbs to soothe irritated skin


Then take a soothing bath using one of the many recipes for herbal baths in the book. There really is no need to buy expensive products to add to your bath water. Make your own custom to your needs. This special bonus is yours free with you order.

We're not done yet Bonus #2

tea and food pairings

Explore the interesting interplay between food and tea

For a limited time, we are offering the Tea and Food Pairing Report (12 pages) as a FREE bonus to all customers who order the Your-Cup-of-Tea Herbal Recipe eBook and Tea Wallet Set.

Like wine, tannins in tea influence your palate, and the right pairings will make certain food taste even more appealing. It seems like a complex task to pair tea and food, but the Tea and Food Pairing Report is an excellent quick reference that breaks the task down into simple pairings.

Use it as a guide to get started, and soon you will be enjoying all kinds of interesting food and tea pairings that you never thought of before.

Recieve the Herbal Tea Recipes Ebook as an immediate downloadable PDF. You will need the Adobe Reader to view your e-book. If you do not already have it download here, it's free. The Tea Wallet will be delivered by mail, please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery of your tea wallet.

Order the Your-Cup-of-Tea Herbal Recipes eBook and get your FREE BONUS, the Herbal Tea Bath and Showers book as well as the Tea and Food Pairing Report, now!

PS: Enjoy having information in your home to help you cope with things like the common cold, soothe a sore throat and migrane preventitive herbs. Find ways to relax, improve blood pressure and even relieve heart burn. Order Now

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Discounted to $19.97 as an introductory price, you will receive the Herbal Tea Bath and Showers Ebook as a bonus.

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