Health Benefits of Tea Are Still Being Studied and Debated

Can drinking loose leaf tea positively affect your life and health?

health care cost pictureHow long will the health benefits of tea continue to be debated? Many countries have done scientific studies on loose leaf tea. The opinions continue to contradict with some countries recognizing the health benefits of tea.

United States

The United States is still holding back on health benefits recommendations, citing lack of enough evidence.


According to Health Canada drinking loose leaf tea can positively affect your health.

You may be wondering about Health Canada. It is actually the Department of Health in Canada, a government agency with responsibility for national public health.

This government agency is stating that drinking loose leaf tea can positively affect your health. It takes note that tea is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are known to work against free –radicals in our bodies.

Free radicals damage our body cells and are cited as a cause of many diseases such as heart disease, stroke, alzheimer’s, diabetes and cancer to name a few.

Many nations have been studying tea and are finding the health benefits of tea to be many. China has long held tea in high esteem. It is commonly offered in medical ways. Other Asian nations also understand the health benefits of drinking loose leaf tea.


For those of us who have personally felt the health benefit of tea consumption; the decision and announcement by Health Canada is welcome news. Tea distributors in Canada will now be able to list the health benefits of tea on their products.


The United States Food and Drug Administration know as the FDA, would be equivalent to Health Canada in the US. This government organization in America has gone on record as stating there is not enough evidence to support claims of health benefits in tea. No claims can be positively made here in the United States.

This does not deter people from drinking tea

Not only is tea felt by many to hold potential for improving ones health, it just plain tastes great. No need to doctor tea up, with sugar (think weight control here), or worse yet some man made alternative. Forget about synthetics or artificial preservatives (think this is not natural here) to make tea leaves last longer. Properly stored, many teas will last up to a year.

This is not to say that nothing should be added to tea. Many tea leaves are blended with other things to change the flavor. The famous Earl Grey tea comes to mind. Fine black tea is infused with natural Bergamot citrus to produce a distinctive taste favored by many tea lovers.

Adding herbs, flowers or spices to tea

Adding herbs, flowers or spices to tea is a good thing. It’s a natural thing. It can be a healthy thing. It is called herbal tea.

Fake food

Many people in the United States today are realizing the danger of fake food. They also realize the danger of spraying crops with pesticides and injecting hormones into animals. More and more people are actively seeking organically grown fruits and vegetables. They want to eat meat from animals fed naturally and poultry that has been fed free range.

Loose leaf tea

As for loose leaf tea, on the basis of natural tea is a winner. On the basis of health benefits many feel tea is a winner. On the basis of taste tea is a winner.

It is left up to each of us individually to study then decide about the health benefits of tea.

Resource: Information on Health Canada was found in an article written by Barbara Turnbull for

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