Health benefits of white tea

What will health benefits of white tea mean for your family

White tea leaves are the most selectively picked, the most gently processed, and the most delicately prepared of any tea. The leaves are selected from new buds before they fully open; they are minimally processed and not fermented; and they are steeped in water heated to just below the boiling point. White tea drinkers describe this pale beverage as light and sweet, with a silky flavor and pleasant scent. Given that this tea is described in all ways in such delicate terms, you may be surprised to learn that no other tea is known to provide health benefits greater than white tea health benefits.

White Tea Benefits

health benefits of white tea

Because white tea leaves are so gently processed, they lose none of the value and effectiveness of their bioactive chemicals, especially the all-important white tea antioxidants. White tea has a higher concentration of antioxidants, and a lower concentration of fluoride, than any other type of tea. The amount of caffeine found in white tea is about one-third the amount that is found in black tea.

Because drinking white tea is a relatively new in the Western world, not as many scientific studies have been conducted on this type of tea. Green tea has gotten much more attention, but that is quickly changing. We know that white tea has the same bioactive antioxidants as green tea, but in greater concentration. It is reasonable to assume that many of the health benefits attributed to green tea can also be found in white tea. So let's take advantage of white tea health benefits.

 Note: Merriam Webster's on line dictionary defines "bioactive" as having an effect on a living organism this means that white tea antioxidants may have a powerful effect on many diseases.

These health benefits include improved resistance to cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, dental cavities, kidney stones, and cancers of the skin, lungs, mouth, stomach, esophagus, colon, pancreas, bladder, and prostate. Recent studies are beginning to justify these claims.

A 2004 study conducted through Pace University's Linus Pauling Insitute suggested several important benefits from drinking white tea. It has fluoride levels that are equivalent to those established for use in municipal water systems for preventing cavities in teeth; it has shown impressive benefit is preventing polyps in mice, and it has more anti-viral and anti-bacterial qualities than green tea.

White tea, having such a delicate flavor, is traditionally served without milk. This provides white tea drinkers with an additional benefit. A recent study conducted at the University of Berlin's Charité Hospital, indicated that milk added to any teas from the Camellia Sinensis plant may somehow compromise the ability of the powerful antioxidants. This news came in a study published online in the European Heart Journal. Milk can interfere with the ability of tea to provide protection against cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Enjoy drinking tea and gain white tea health benefits

If one of the reasons that you drink tea is the desire to improve your health, and you enjoy its delightfully light flavor, you would be hard pressed to make a better choice than white tea. Always brew your tea using white loose tea leaves to ensure that you release the full flavor and provide the full health benefits of this tea. Brew, drink, and enjoy both good flavor and good health.

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