Health Benefits of Oolong Tea


Health benefits of oolong tea, let's explore them

Oolong teas are reddish-brown, semi-fermented, have a familiar floral fragrance, and a taste quite similar to green tea. As a type, they fall somewhere between green teas, which are not fermented, and black teas, which are. health benefits of oolong tea pic

Chinese oolong teas are among the finest, most expensive teas in the world. Taiwan is also well known for its oolong leaf tea. Like green tea, oolong tea is processed immediately after harvesting. It is normally brewed for a strong flavor, and is known and appreciated for its typically sweet aftertaste.

Oolong Tea and Health

The concentration of antioxidants in oolong tea is only slightly lower than that of green tea. Its level of fluoride and caffeine is about the same as green tea.

Oolong tea is less popular in the Western world. It is not unexpected that fewer studies have been conducted on oolong teas than on any others. It is known that oolong tea contains the same bioactive chemicals as green tea, although in slightly different concentrations.

It is reasonable to expect that the health benefits of oolong tea would closely match those provided by the black and green varieties. Benefits like, improved resistance to cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, dental cavities, kidney stones, and various cancers.

So what studies have been done?


Despite this lack of research, a few current studies have revealed several important health benefits of oolong tea. A study conducted in Japan, as reported in the Diabetes Care Journal of the American Diabetes Association, showed a positive effect in reducing the progress of Type 2 diabetes. Other Japanese researchers determined that oolong drinkers, who consumed 3 cups of tea per day, or more, were 65% less likely to develop high blood pressure.

Oolong Tea has been recognized, in the past, as an important dietary aid in any weight loss program. It is thought to increases metabolic rate, decreases glucose levels, reduces cholesterol, aids in digestion, reduces stress, strengthens the immune system, improves the look and feel of skin, and lowers blood pressure. Apparently, oolong tea deserves this reputation.

Researchers have found that oolong causes an increase in the metabolism as well as fat burning. It also works to block dietary fat inclusion.

In unproven but convincing testimony, which clearly falls into the “What do I have to lose” category, devoted oolong teas drinkers attest that consuming oolong tea will also retard the effects of aging on the skin.

Oolong Tea for relaxing and good health

When out for a meal at a Chinese restaurant, most diners, including those who would not normally drink tea, order a pot of oolong tea for the table. Throughout the meal they sip on it slowly as though it were a required ceremonial part of the Chinese dining experience. And, they enjoy it.

But this enjoyment need not be limited to restaurants. Oolong teas can be purchased at fine specialty tea shops or reputable on line tea vendors.. Its strong but pleasant flavor is a great accompaniment to any meal, and a delightful beverage to share during a moment of thoughtful relaxation. Brew it from loose tea leaves for maximum flavor and health benefits.

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This site carries a nice number of oolong teas from both China and Taiwan. Their reputation suggests quality and service are important. I like the added benefit that customer reviews are included. I do take the time to read some of these reviews. Often I try something I had not intended to buy as a result.

Generation Tea

This is another quality on line loose leaf tea vendor. Just this morning I enjoyed their Royal Formosa Baozhong Tea. While sitting in what I call my hi-rise apartment garden (container gardening on my outside balcony) I was drinking this special tea from Generation Tea. I was raised on sweetened black tea. Anytime I can find a tea that is good tasting without added sugar that is a plus for me. The Royal Formosa has a flowery sweet taste all it's own.

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