Growing up with tea!

by John

When young I can remember drinking tea in the morning, evening, afternoon.

There was always tea. mostly in the standard tastes. Sometimes we got our hands on EARL GREY. I think taking the time to drink tea and talk was a integral part of our upbringing.

You could see the tea break as having a "stop" function in the middle of a hectic family day. We would sit and drink and talk about school. Discuss on what to eat or just sit silent and drink.

And I don't live in the UK. This is from the Netherlands.

I am just wondering,

Are there more people like me who have been "brought up" with tea? :)

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Medicinal or Delight
by: MO

Salutations to all!

I am 53 years of age and I remember being offered tea by my mother or grandmother for medicinal purposes only. That lead me to view tea as such, in other words, the whole concept of enjoying a cup of tea was absolutely out of the question. Had a fever, upset stomach, dizzy spells, etc... a cup of tea.

Through ignorance I managed to do the same with my children. To this day I cannot get my daughter to enjoy a cup of tea with me and my son will drink it only when he is sick with a bad cold.

Now don't get me wrong, I understand the wonderful health benefits of tea. I thank GOD for giving us the knowledge to discover these benefits.

Now, I appreciate tea from a totally different perspective. Tea is a delightful way of enjoying a hot or cold beverage as an alternative to coffee, hot cocoa, etc... and still savor it's unique flavor and attributes without that mentality of "only" being there for medicinal purposes.

I hope anyone reading this can relate, or at least reminisce, but mostly enjoy tea and life to it's fullest and thank GOD for every day we are allowed in health, love, peace, and happiness. GOD bless!

A Tea House In Your House
by: Connie and Crew


Thanks for sharing your story and asking your question.

I grew up in a house full of women. Grandmother, 2 great aunts, an aunt, my mother and my sister. My grandfather was deceased before I was born. For a while my father lived with us but he left the family.

All of the women in the house were tea drinkers. My Aunt Betty also drank coffee and my father drank only coffee. I never saw him try a cup of tea.

This probably would get more answers in the question and answer forum, but at least for a while we will leave it here.

It makes me chuckle to think of a tea house in our own house.

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