Growing Herbs! Our Attempt At Caraway

by Mary
(Kansas, USA)

We usually try to grow at least one or two new things in our garden every year. We home-school and feel strongly that real life in the garden is an excellent way to teach our children the variety of responsibilities that come with keeping a garden and prepare one to persevere in life. Life in the garden is a healthy place to be, too!

This year we decided our growing herbs project would be growing caraway for the abundance of caraway seeds we love in our homemade rye bread. We tried the carrot trick since we expected the caraway to come in like carrots, we hadn't thought of searching on the Internet at the time. We certainly did not know what the plants were going to look like so we needed all the advantage we could get. We know what dandelions, lambs quarter, crab grass and a host of other weeds look like but we did not know what the caraway was going to look like, so we simply did not weed out any weeds that we did not recognize until they were big enough for us to recognize them.

What is the carrot trick?

Simply lay the seeds on the ground and lay a board over top of them for 10 days. The very strong carrot/caraway seeds will sprout in the dark while the weed seeds will be slowed considerably! It is such a joy to lift that board to find a fuzzy little line of the sweetest baby carrot plants all lined up to say "Hello! We're so glad to see the sunshine!" This might work well when growing herbs of other sorts as well.

From there we have learned to put down a woven black mat or whatever mulch we have since the grasses can quickly overtake the carrots or caraway!

We were rewarded with surprisingly stout caraway plants that we hope will bring an abundance of seeds next year!

Happy planting!

St. Anne's Helper

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Thanks For Sharing
by: Connie and Crew

Hi Mary

Thanks for sharing your story. I did a little research and found that caraway seeds are actually considered a fruit. Go figure, they look like seeds to me. Your idea of teaching your children about gardening and growing herbs is a wonderful one.

Getting back to natural and organic is a better way to go in my opinion.

Let us know about your next project. For those who are looking for herbal seeds look here for a large variety.

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