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Green tea, like white tea, is minimally processed and not fermented. When properly brewed in hot, but not quite boiling, water, it produces a greenish-yellow, pleasant tasting, slightly astringent beverage. For centuries, people all over Asia have used loose leaf green tea both as a beverage, and for its possible health benefits. In the last few decades, green tea has become a popular drink both in Europe and in the Americas, the traditional homes of black tea drinkers. Much of this increasing popularity can be directly related to reported health benefits of green tea.

Green Tea and Health are the benefits in the antioxidants?

Green tea is rich in antioxidants. The concentration of green tea antioxidants is second only to that of white tea. The concentration of fluoride is only slightly higher than white tea, but well within the levels that have been established as safe for use in public water systems for the prevention of tooth decay. Green tea contains only one-half the caffeine that is found in black tea, and about one-quarter of the caffeine found in coffee. Because of green tea’s increasing popularity, it has become the subject of several scientific and medical studies that indicate that many of the historically claimed benefits of green tea are valid.

Several years ago, the Linus Pauling Institute at Pace University conducted a study of the health benefits of both black and green teas. This study suggested that the regular consumption of green tea would help to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases such as atherosclerosis and coronary artery disease. It also reported on animal studies that suggested that green tea use can help to prevent cancers of the lungs, stomach, esophagus, mouth, pancreas, colon, bladder, prostate, and skin, as well as aid in preventing polyps in mice.

green tea health benefits in the newsA study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that Japanese scientists determined that older persons who consumed several cups of green tea daily were fifty percent less likely to have cognitive or memory problems than those persons who drank less.

According to research conducted at Charité Hospital at the University of Berlin, the traditional method of green tea’s preparation provides an additional benefit. Green tea is usually prepared without added milk, which has been shown to somehow limit the effectiveness of the tea’s antioxidants in protecting against cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Green Tea for Comfort and Good Health

Green tea is an excellent choice for those individuals who are looking for a tea that offers great health benefits while providing a flavorful beverage. To guarantee that your cup of tea releases its full flavor potential and provides its full health benefits, prepare your tea using loose leaf green tea leaves. Brew it, pour it, sit back, and enjoy a healthful and delicious cup of this amazing beverage.

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