Green tea health benefits, researchers are finding Japan to be a fertile field of study

Why Green tea health benefits may improve your quality of life  


Medical reports on green tea and diabetes show promising results. Researchers conducted studies both in humans and mice.

Green tea and diabetes

Green tea was given to healthy humans. Volunteers were given green tea to drink and were then tested to see if it promoted glucose metabolism. Comparing the same tests when the volunteers drank hot water. Researchers have concluded that the green tea was effective in increasing the metabolic rate.

When green tea was administered to diabetic mice blood glucose levels were lowered. This suggests that drinking green tea is useful for both prevention and management of diabetes.

This is eye opening information. Diabetes leads to many other health problems that damage parts of the body, such as the heart, it can lead to blindness, and even amputations. These are just a few of the complications that can result from developing diabetes. Drinking loose leaf green tea seems to be one simple way to give yourself an edge over poor health.


 Note: Green tea health benefits are also being studied for other diseases such as breast cancer. You can learn a more about that at this imformative site early detection for breast cancer. Take care of your health by drinking loose leaf green tea.


The report states that more studies need to be done.

This study was published in BMC Pharmacology

Health benefit of tea

Scientists at the U.S. Department of Agriculture have also come to the conclusion that tea aids insulin enhancing activities. Their study was performed with rats. It differs in that it included other types of tea such as black and oolong teas.

Source: green-tea-health-benefits

Other studies are finding that it is not just green tea and health, but the health benefit of tea from other varieties as well.

Make your healthy drink loose leaf green tea or other loose leaf teas. Enjoy your cup of tea while on the road to better health.


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