Green tea and cancer is there really a connection between green tea and health

Green tea and cancer research

The scientific community has been researching green tea and cancer for many years. How healthy is green tea? This is the question they are trying to answer. What is it in green tea that can help protect against or help fight cancer?

Green tea contains polyphenols, these are chemicals with antioxidant properties. Why is this important. Our body develops free radicals that can do damage to our system. Antioxidants combat the damage done by the free radicals

There are different classes of polyphenols. Green tea polyphenols fall into the category called catcchins. Within the catechin are compounds, the important compound in green tea is called apigallocatechin gallateor which is referred to as EGCG. Studies are showing that the EGCG in green tea may be responsible for its beneficial cancer fighting properties.

That's all very scientific sounding, let's get to how it may help you and me and our families?

On this page we will discuss green tea and cancer of the lungs

green tea and cancer

Green tea and health

Can drinking green tea help protect smokers? Most of us have someone we care about in our lives that can't seem to quit smoking. We may have approached them about smoking causing lung cancer and heart disease. We may have appealed to them to quit smoking. We think about them often and worry a lot.

I read with interest the information in one report that Japan has one of the lowest lung cancer rates in the world. It is also interesting that Shizuoka Prefecture, an area in central Japan has a lower cancer incidence than the rest of the country. It turns out that people in this area consume more green tea than other areas.


How healthy is green tea

According to the American Institute for Cancer Research tea is the best source of catechins in the human diet. It recognizes drinking tea as having protective effects on lung tissue. The AICR does not make a recommendation that is conclusive about green tea and cancer. There is not enough concrete evidence, more research needs to be done.


We know that scientists and researchers will continue to track down all the clues and give us the answer to this mystery. It is going to take time, maybe even years. In the meantime each of us must make decisions about what is best for our health.

Will you make loose leaf green tea your cup of tea?

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