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Grading tea leaves

After processing, the tea is graded by size.

Grades of tea need to be consistent among the various teas because smaller, broken pieces of leaves brew faster than whole leaf.

tea leavesHere's something I found interesting. Have you seen the words orange pekoe in connection with tea? I thought this had to do with flavor. No, it’s not flavor at all. Read on and see how I was surprised.

Whole leaf is considered a better quality tea than broken leaves. The grades of tea are represented by the initials that follow.

Whole Leaf Grading

Broken Leaf Grading

Fannings and Dust Grading

(I consider these as I would cookie crumbs. OK, but I would much rather have the whole cookie.)

Other Grading Terms

When grading whole leaf teas, they usually start at the lowest grade.

Other terms are added

Still more terms are added

This is a lot to take in and I have to refer back to this information at times. Possibly you will find yourself revisiting our grades of tea page too.

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