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You have purchased an excellent quality gourmet tea, now

Let's talk about the enemies of loose leaf tea and what to
do to protect them.

How do we preserve freshness and quality? Perhaps along with the loose tea you purchased you brought home a loaf of Artisanal bread for a sandwich. You also picked up a chocolate cake from your favorite bakery for dessert.

If all these items are opened and used what happens if we walk away and leave them sitting out? We'll find that air becomes an enemy and dries out the bread, the cake and diminishes the flavor of our gourmet tea.

If these foods are left out long enough the bread and cake will become so hard and dry they will be un editable. The tea starts out dry, but the freshness is lost. The quality and flavor are affected. We no longer have gourmet loose leaf tea.If we want to have another sandwich tomorrow and enjoy more of our chocolate cake, we need to repackage them. Proper packaging will keep them fresh for a period of time.

The same holds true of our tea leaf

Not storing tea properly will result in loss of flavor and quality. Proper protection against air will allow our gourmet tea to last a very long time. Knowing this gourmet tea information will save and preserve our quality loose tea.

Sun light is the enemy of loose leaf tea

Color is stripped from our draperies and furniture by sun light. Tea leaves stored in glass jars sitting in a well lit area will be stripped of flavor and freshness. Is there a solution to this problem? Yes, proper storage is the solution.

Odors are also the enemy

Odors are another enemy of loose tea. Lapsang Souchong is a delightful smoky flavored tea. Here's my experience with
Lapsang Souchong. I was sent several tea samples that were in paper envelopes lined with foil. I opened most of them to check them out. Before placing them in my cupboard, I folded the envelopes over a couple of times.

I soon noticed that my whole cupboard smelled smoky. All of the teas stored there had taken on the smoky flavor as well.

Lesson learned, loose leaf tea picks up odors. Proper storage of leaf teas will insure that all of our teas display their own flavor profile.

 Note: If you find some very old leaf tea that has lost it's flavor it can still be useful. Place it in the refrigerator just as you would baking soda to keep things fresh smelling. The leaves will help absorb refrigerator odors.

Moisture the fourth enemy

Moisture is yet another enemy of gourmet tea. This enemy also causes tea to loose flavor and can even cause mold to form. Is there a way to protect against this happening? Yes, proper storage will protect our gourmet tea.

Proper storage protects tea leaves from all of the enemies we've talked about. We need to know what proper storage is.

Gourmet tea information on storing tea

My favorite choices include double sealed stainless steel containers., ceramic with a gasket seal or glass jar with a gasket seal. (Glass jars absolutely must be kept out of the light) All of these containers should be kept in a cool dry place. Jars and containers that do not have a gasket seal will not be air tight.

Gourmet tea information lessons learned

We've learned that the gourmet tea leaf will remain fresh if it is protected. The enemies of tea are air, light, odors and moisture. we have options to eliminate all of these enemies. It is possible to enjoy our favorite loose leaf tea for a very long time. Some teas properly stored will stay fresh for a year.

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