Garden Tea Parties
Time for Summer Fun

garden tea partyGarden tea parties

are a great way to have some summer fun. The days are warm and the flowers are bright and colorful. It is a great way to entertain and enjoy your day in the sun. There is nothing more fitting than to welcome summer with a gathering in your garden.

The garden tea party conjures up thoughts of everything from elegance and sophistication to giggling little girls playing dress up. Garden These tea parties can be traced back to Queen Elizabeth and what is now known as the Elizabethan times. Ladies dressed in their finery, their hair prepared for the afternoon event. Let us not forget the white gloves and beautiful folded fans they carried!

The best part of having a garden tea party is that you can have it in any size space and environment. A tea party in the garden can be held on a porch or even inside if the weather does not cooperate. Just make sure there are plenty of beautiful flowers. It is up to you!

A garden tea party among the roses

rose on chairConsider a rose garden tea when the flowers are in full bloom. Planning a bridal shower or baby shower? You can plan an outdoor event and purchase fresh cut flowers from the local farmers market. Set them on the tables and in strategic areas for color and presentation. For a different effect,consider placing pretty glass vases with an opened flowering tea on the tables.

Garden tea parties
can be as elegant or casual. A memorable an elegant summer event would be to serve high tea at your garden party. High tea is usually served between the hours of 4 PM and 7 PM. It is a time to serve both sweet and savory dishes.

Planning with attention to detail

Planning and paying attention to detail will set the tone for your garden tea party. If you want to express elegance and sophistication start with the invitations. Nothing sets the stage and expectations of your guests than the perfect invitation. Take time to hand write and send you invitations the old fashioned way! Mail them. The feel of the paper and the handwritten note will set the stage for a very memorable event. Don’t forget to mention that it is a fancy event and to dress accordingly.

For a more casual event set a more contemporary theme for your party. Themes may be anything from a best friend’s girl party to a tea party based on your favorite book. What ever the theme, carry it out from the menu to the food, and don’t forget the party favors!

Traditional Garden Tea

A traditional garden tea has white linen or lace tablecloths. Want to impress your guests even more, provide covered high back chairs to set a very memorable stage for your party.

For a non traditional and more colorful theme do not hesitate to choose linen tablecloths of your favorite color to enhance the beauty of the garden. Linen napkins are a must and add a nice touch to the table as well.

Of course, a garden tea party means using your rose tea partygood china. Traditionally only teaspoons are used at a tea party. If you are serving traditional finger foods you will not need utensils. No tea party would be complete without sugar cubes in a pretty bowl. If you really want to get fancy, they do make sugar cubes in a variety of different shapes and themes. Rose shaped sugar cubes are a great touch to any garden tea party. Of course do not forget to have honey and lemon slices on hand for the tea.

Tea sandwiches

When planning your menu, you can serve traditional tea sandwiches or you can get creative and serve an ethnic themed menu. Tapas, sushi, empanadas are just a few suggestion in keeping with finger foods. Use tiered serving platters for an appealing way to present your tasty tidbits.

Traditional desserts are petit fours or small cookies. Do not hesitate to serve miniature cupcakes or bit sized desserts in keeping with your theme.

Set the tone for your garden tea by taking time to choose the right music. Play soft uplifting music as it is important that you do not drown out the conversations of your guests.

Have several different types of tea on hand, such as herbal and decaffeinated teas as well as traditional teas. Consider serving the iced tea in wine goblets and hot tea in fine tea cups.

Garden tea parties are a time to enjoy the beauty of nature and to reconnect with friends. It is a great way to have some summer fun and create a memorable time for you and your friends to talk about for years to come.

There are so many tea party ideas that would make perfect settings for afternoon tea or a tea brunch. What is your idea of the perfect party? Are you a traditional Victorian afternoon tea type or do you have other things in mind?

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