Fair Trade loose leaf tea, should you and I be interested?

What is fair trade tea?

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Tea drinkers have dignified tastes. No matter what type of tea we settle on we know that the tea provides health benefits as well as emotional and psychological benefits. For everything that tea can do for our human bodies, shouldn't we be interested in what fair-trade tea is and how it affects the tea we drink?

Loose leaf tea comes from tea farms whose workers spend their days under a hot sun plucking the tea leaves. The tea leaves are then taken for drying and preparation for consumption. Fair-trade labels are an indication that all appropriate funds have been given to the tea farmers before the tea ever enters the United States.

This special label ensures that the tea farmers received the appropriate payment concerning the wages paid to each and every employee. It also is a seal that indicates those workers are offered safe working conditions and are receiving appropriate medical benefits.

The fair-trade seal very simply means that the tea we drink doesn't come from farms that offer employees slave wages and unreasonable working conditions.

Community improvements benefit all

One of the most important parts of the fair-trade laws entails the payment of a premium paid directly to the farms that are eligible under the fair trade act. The use of this money is decided upon by the tea farmers and their workers. The idea is to fund community programs to provide a higher standard of living for the entire community.

These funds have historically paid for:

This just names a few of the many ways the community of tea pluckers benefits. These funds have improved third world communities worldwide.

This money is needed for the benefit of the tea farming communities. Only tea farms that are complying with the necessary qualification are able to place Fair-Trade-certified labels on their teas.

Long term benefits

The long term benefits of these programs have had far reaching effects.

These improvements allow for important empowerment of the tea farmers. This is not the same as a charity fund. It is a pure and self determined method of creating better communities throughout third world countries.

The use of fair-trade practices has caused significant improvements in the tea communities. This is empowerment in action, and it is working.

Coming to America

Fair-trade products are making inroads in America. While fair-trade loose leaf tea can not be found everywhere, most tea vendors carry at least some fair trade tea.

We can expect to pay a higher price for fair-trade products. I hope I have helped you understand why that is the case.

Will fair trade loose leaf become your cup of tea?

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