Essiac Tea -- An Herbal Tea Blend
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Essiac Tea is an herbal tea that has a very interesting history as one of the better known herbal tea remedies. If fact, this controversial tea, also known as, the tea of life, is a blend of four herbs.

Please note that anything stated on this site related to health benefits SHOULD NOT be viewed as an endorsement, or misunderstood as an actual prevention or cure for illness or disease. It is strongly recommended that you always consult your physician’s advice before trying any of these products! Ingesting herbs can interact with medications and interfere with their effectiveness or cause an adverse reaction to occur.

Let's look at the history

In 1922, an Ojibwa Indian gave a woman with advanced breast cancer a recipe for a tea that was to help her overcome her disease. Thirty years later, a Canadian nurse, Rene Caisse met this breast cancer survivor and was interested in her story, as she had an aunt that had been recently diagnosed with cancer of the stomach. The aunt lived 21 years cancer free after drinking this herbal tea mixture.

Nurse Caisse opened a clinic and began to treat cancer patients with one of her herbal tea remedies. Nurse Caisse kept this Ojibwa Indian herbal recipe a secret for many years.

She named this herbal mixture, essiac tea, which is Nurse Caisse’s last name spelled backwards.

The essiac tea recipe treated cancer patients for over fifty years in Ontario, Canada. It is becoming a very popular herbal tea for it’s anti cancer properties, as well as a natural treatment for diabetes. It also is believed to enhance the immune system and many drink it as a general health drink as a measure to prevent illness.

It is important to note that essiac herbal tea for cancer has not been tested by the FDA and has not been approved by the FDA as a treatment. Essiac tea has not been tested or found to be a cure for any health problem, including diabetes or cancer.

This herbal tea is the most common natural alternative treatment that is presently used by cancer patients all over the world. Essiac tea is also used by cancer patients undergoing chemo and radiation therapy to help alleviate the side effects, while helping to destroy the cancer cells in the body.

Other health benefits you may experience by drinking this tea are:

Many will decide that Essaic Tea is a good herbal blend while others will be skeptical. We've given you here the information as we know it and encourage you to come to your own conclusions.

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