English Bone China Tea Sets
Will There Be Collectors In Your Family

Was English bone china part of your inheritance?

If you know a collector of English bone china tea sets or Royal Daulton china of any kind, you know they will love receiving a treasured piece as a special gift. It is just so easy to buy them something you absolutely know they will love.

english tea setMany young girls are introduced to tea cups from the older females in the family. Often family members sit and spend time together over a cup of tea. Collecting tea cups, saucers and tea pots is a hobby that one may start at any age. It is also a hobby that can fit into any budget.

How a collection often begins

Women are known to enjoy and love tea cups. Many keep them and pass them to the next generation. Many female family members treasure English bone china tea cups and tea sets like prized possessions. They display them and care for them to pass down to the next generation.

There are times when grandma or your favorite aunt has saved a special tea set or tea pot from her earlier years. It is easy to get interested in collecting china tea sets when you learn the history of the different types and styles of tea cups and tea pots.

What's the difference

How do you tell a tea cup from a coffee cup? Tea cups have a fragile and delicate appearance to them. They are usually accompanied by a matching saucer. The handles on a tea cup are set higher on the side of the cup. Coffee cups have lower and larger handles.

It is important to try and learn as much as possible about the history of tea cups. In fact, the first European tea cups did not even have handles. Most of the original tea cups were custom made for the wealthy. These were made of silver and not really a good container for a hot beverage.

It is also important for you to learn the different manufacturer's name of some of the best selling tea cups around the world.



Where to find them

You may find them at a garage sale, flea market, antique shop, on eBay or in your aunt’s attic. You will want to be able to recognize them when you come across such a special find. You will find the name stamped on the bottom of the tea cup, saucer and tea pot.

Some names that you will want to remember are Spode, Royal Doulton china, Havilland, Royal Albert china and Limoges. Most of these are English bone china companies, keep on the look out for their older original patterns.

There are some tea cups stamped from Occupied Japan that are a very popular collectible that will increase in value over time. After the Second World War, the United States occupied Japan. When products were exported and left Japan they had to be stamped with Made in Occupied Japan. The Japanese did not always comply with this requirement, so, these tea cups are very rare.

There are so many different types of tea cups and tea pots. Some collectors prefer a pattern or color and do not have a manufacturer’s preference. Some prefer to collect only Royal Daulton china tea sets.

english bone chinaOthers prefer to collect English bone china tea sets or only Royal Albert china tea sets because they love the delicate floral patterns. This is your tea set collection, so collect the pieces, the colors and patterns that you love. After all, you will be creating a collection that will have sentimental value and bring you pleasure for years to come.

For the tea pot lover, there is nothing more whimsical than the Fitz and Floyd tea pots.

Many collectors purchase or find a special tea cup or tea pot that reminds them of their travels or has some significance from their childhood.
Of course, nothing tastes better than tea served in English bone china. Bone china was developed by Josiah Spode in the early 1800’s. An English Bone china tea set was lighter in weight and held the bright beautiful colors compared to the porcelain tea sets.
Bone china is actually made with animal bone ash, china stone and china clay. There are different formulas to create bone china, but the recipe usually has at least 25% to 50% animal bone ash.

Collecting vintage English bone china tea cups and saucers or just everyday bone china is possible.
Some of the more popular manufacturer’s are; Royal Albert, Shelly, Paragon and Aynsley. (Some of my very favorite are Aynsley)

The beauty of collecting English bone china tea sets is the ability to be as varied or specific as you want. Some will collect only tea cups with a special flower on it. Others want only hand painted pieces of a specific manufacturer such as Royal Albert or Paragon. Others look for the Royal Albert tea cup and saucer of the month club from years gone by.

To find tea cups or tea pots for your collection can be an adventure. Although you can find the items you want online, the best deals come from the thrift shop, eBay auctions, estate sales and even some yard sales.

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