"Don't Pass Me By, Tea and Pie" in Jerusalem

by Stephanie

I don't know if this place is still in business, but it was certainly the coziest, most eclectic spot in all of Jerusalem in the early 1990's.

You walked down an alley and up a narrow staircase to a tea room that was cozy and warm. Lots of varieties of tea and hot cider. At least a dozen types of pie. Owned by Argentinian brothers, I think, "Don't Pass Me By" was known for it's quiet music and congenial atmosphere.

It was definitely an out of the ordinary spot for downtown Jerusalem, which is more well known for its Israeli cafe's, pizza shops and ethnic restaurants of all kinds. This little tea shop was a top location for Jerusalem's locals and visitors to converge.

If it's still around, its definitely worth the visit.

Reply from Connie and Crew

Stephanie, this sounds like such a quaint tea room. I love the name, how could anyone not stop in here to investigate. Finding good quality teas and wonderful pies would have me visiting there often.

If anyone knows if "Don't Pass Me By" is still in business, let us know. Our international travelers would love to give this tea room a try. We would like to let readers know the address and any other info that will make finding it helpful.

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Fond memories
by: Jill

My mom-in-law is visiting Israel for the first time in her almost eighty years. The one place I told her she must visit is don't pass me by tea and pie! I was also there in the late 80's and I have such wonderful memories of their banana and chocolate pies, yummy!

Don't pass me by - Tea & Pie
by: Michel Sarel

Hi, I remember the place well, I was crazy for their cheese cakes, it was held by my friends Zevik and Rami, I payed them a visit each time I was in Jerusalem.

If the place still exist it is not theirs anymore. I miss those guys, I was looking for them when i came across this page. They had a little room upstairs where i slept a couple of times and a small yard where we used to play chess.

In the early 80s the place was split into two rooms, in the one at the end were mattresses instead of chairs, on the walls were carpets with dogs playing poker and indulging in other human activities. The music was good. Back in those days it was the place in town to meet fellow travelers. I'm glad to see someone remembers it after so long!

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