How Many Different Types of Tea Services Have You Enjoyed?

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There are a variety of different types of tea services that many are not aware exist. Surprise your guests with some tea party ideas from one of these variations.

Each different type if tea service has a history and a ritual. The main goal was to bring others together for entertaining. Take a look into the past and find how you can bring these traditions to life in the modern world. Your ideas may surprise you.

The most popular and well know of the tea party ideas is the Afternoon Tea. Served around four in the afternoon, this tea consists of sandwiches, scones, cookies and one or two special desserts, such as a rich cake of tart.

Afternoon tea has also been called low tea, tea in the gardenin truth these are not two different types of tea, but one and the same. Low tea was served on the living room tea table or the ladies used their laps to put their plate. This can be a more formal tea, served at the dining room table, but more frequently is enjoyed informally in a garden, or as a picnic, or any informal location that the hostess chooses.

Light Tea is an afternoon tea served

between the hours of 3 o’clock and 5 o’clock. This menu does not include any sandwiches or savory items. The menu would include scones and sweets as a light afternoon fare.

Farmer's Tea is a lunch that was enjoyed in the fields by farmers and field workers. This lunch was eaten between noon and 2 o’clock. This afternoon tea consisted of hearty and heavy grained bread, any available cheese, green salad and pickled beets or pickled eggs and a meat such as a sausage. This sandwich was made of ingredients that could remain stable without refrigeration while the field workers were working. This was generally topped off with a sweet or a piece of fruit. This is a popular lunch, presently enjoyed in British pubs along with a pint of ale. In past days, ale and tea were taken with the lunch.

Full Tea is an Afternoon Tea with four courses. Served between the hours of 3 o’clock 5 o’ clock it begins with a savory dish, such as a hearty soup or quiche, followed by an assortment of tea sandwiches. The next course, scones are offered with clotted cream and lemon curd. This is then followed by a fancy and rich dessert for the finale. Candles may be used after 5 o’clock.

Royal Tea is the Full tea with an addition of a glass of champagne or sherry. The champagne may be served at the beginning of the meal or the sherry may be served with dessert.

Cream Tea is a light afternoon snack that can becream tea served at any time. The menu features scones and clotted cream, jams and jellies.

High Tea is enjoyed in the late afternoon and is a supper or taking place of dinner. It is served between the hours of 5 o’clock and 7 o’clock in the evening. It is considered High Tea because you are seated at a high table and served a hearty meal. The menu may include salad, meat pies, two or more cold sliced meats that would be served with breads, biscuits, cheese, fruit, and sweets.

Strawberry Tea celebrates spring and summer with a morning or mid afternoon of sliced strawberries served with Devonshire cream and sugar.

A Sporting Tea is usually a picnic type fare with ice tea. This tea is served after afternoon outdoor sporting events and can be a very informal and casual to an elegant event, depending on the hostess choices.

Card Party Teas, also known as Bridge Tea, are a great way to get together with friends and enjoy a game of cards, followed by a tea party. Usually cards were played from 1 o’clock until 3 o’clock. Then tea and food was served. It was up to the hostess whether it was an informal of formal event.

Of all the different types of tea service we have looked at here, which soulnds like the most interesting to you?

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