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dieter's tea and exercise Drink green tea to lose weight and keep it off? Yes, a dieters tea that will assist you in not only a healthy weight loss, but weight maintenance. Drinking green tea should be an ongoing part of all weight loss plans. Green tea is an amazing fat burner.

Green tea has many well documented health benefits. If you go to and type in green tea, you will astonished at the amount of information on green tea and the benefits of drinking green tea. So it is no surprise to me that so many products are including green tea as an ingredient.

Green tea is abundant with polyphenols, also known as catechins. These catechins, actually inhibits an enzyme from promoting fat storage in the body. This allows for the release of our body’s fat burning hormone, which is called norepinephrine.

Green tea -- the dieters tea

Green tea also contains caffeine. Together these have a “thermogenic effect” on the body and it causes an increase in the bodies resting metabolism and the body’s ability to burn more calories. The abundance of the catechins and caffeine, is the secret green tea fat burner! This combination makes green tea the dieters tea.

Green tea is also known for its ability to regulate blood sugar levels. When drinking green tea with a meal it has be shown that the properties in green tea slow down the action of an enzyme that is needed to breakdown carbohydrates. This slow down allows the body to maintain an even blood sugar. A stable blood sugar level means that you do not experience a sudden drop and a feeling of hunger. It also will reduce food cravings. This is a great benefit for successful weight loss plans.

A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition noted that drinking green tea, rich in catechins, promotes lowering of body fat. It was also noted that the findings show a lowering of cholesterol as a benefit as well!

To promote healthy weight loss drinking the dieters tea, green tea is also known to be a powerful anti-oxidant. Researchers have suggested that the antioxidant in tea may be more than 200 times more powerful than the antioxidant vitamin E! To an individual that is trying to loose weight, this is very important benefit.

Free radicals cause our bodies harm and effect out health. Antioxidants destroy the free radicals, allowing our bodies to heal and maintain wellness. A program of healthy eating, exercise with weight loss increases a release of free radicals. Drinking green tea to lose weight is a great way to promote healthy weight loss. Drinking green tea with an exercise program can help you increase your calorie burning ability.

A research study done on mice found that were exercise and dieter's tea given green tea, and a healthy diet along with exercise lost 89% more weight than the mice that just drank green tea. A healthy and realistic diet plan would include an exercise program. It takes discipline and consistency and hard work. The good news is that drinking green tea can improve your endurance and body’s fat burning abilities. You can loose weight and burn more fat faster drinking tea and adding exercise to your program. The study found that the mice that drank green tea not only burned more calories during exercise, but the body continues to burn calories long after you have finished your exercise routine for the day. It is important to note it is not the amount of green tea you drink every day. More is not better. You should consider drinking three to six cups of loose leaf green tea a day as part of a healthy weight loss program. There is no study at the present time about the amount of green tea you need to drink daily to get the maximum results.

It is important that you drink a good quality loose leaf green tea to get the full benefits of all the wonderful health benefits and weight loss properties. There are studies that show that a regular and consistent diet of drinking green tea is beneficial. One study showed results of individuals that were regular green tea drinkers for more than 10 years or longer had a 5% less body fat index than a non tea drinker. This is a good indicator of how important drinking green tea can be to maintain a life long weight loss. As with any healthy weight loss plan, it is important to eat healthy, incorporate daily exercise and good eating habits.

For life long weight maintenance, including drinking three to six cups of loose leaf green tea, the dieters tea daily will insure your success.

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