Is Dandelion Tea An Effective Natural Remedy For Some Illnesses

Dandelion tea is an herbal tea and has been known for centuries as one of the powerful natural healing herbs.

dandelion flower Chinese health practitioners used dandelions to treat digestive disorders, appendicitis, and problems of the breast such as inflammation or low production of milk for breast feeding.

In the United States, American colonial settlers became very familiar with this common weed. They taught the native Indians the health benefits of dandelions. The various Indian tribes learned to create their own uses for dandelions.

The Iroquois Indians boiled dandelion leaves with any fatty meats to avoid stomach upset. The Ojibwas Indians drank dandelion root tea for heartburn. The Kiowa Indian women mixed dandelion flower blossoms with pennyroyal as to alleviate menstrual cramps. The Mohicans drank dandelion leaf tea everyday to keep their energy levels high, avoid stomach aches and constipation.


It is important to note that while dandelions may never have been proven to cure or prevent any illness, they are extremely healthy and cannot in any way hurt you. Remember that different individuals respond differently to foods, medications and herbs. What works for one individual, may not work for another.

There is no replacement for a lifestyle that includes good nutrition and exercise.


The benefits of herbal tea remedies can vary. Here are the health benefits of dandelion tea:

• Known as a blood purifier.
• Acts as a mild diuretic. If taken in large quantities can have the same effect as a prescribed medication. It has been known to lower blood pressure when taken in large quantities.
• Has antibiotic, anti viral and anti fungal properties.
• Lowers cholesterol.
• Promotes heart health.
• Has anti inflammatory properties that have been effective in treating arthritis and rheumatism.
• Used as an effective skin wash, apply to minor scars and inflammations and acne.
• Helps fight acne when used as above and also by drinking the tea.
• Used to resolve minor digestive symptoms.
• An energy booster. Dandelion tea gives the body a “natural high” or burst of energy. This is the type of energy without unwanted side effects you would experience from caffeine. The high levels of calcium help keep your energy levels high.
Fights osteoporosis
• The high levels of vitamins C and A, along with the powerful antioxidants makes dandelion tea an anti-cancer agent.
• Promotes bowel function and is used to alleviate constipation.
• Has a low glycemic index. Helps that body maintain an even blood sugar.
• Lowers blood pressure.


Drinking this type of tea is considered drinking healthy herbs. This tea is a very effective natural remedy for many conditions, however, you should always refer to your health care provider before starting to consume it. Although dandelion tea is normally safe to drink, individuals taking diuretic drugs, or any medicines designed to lower your blood pressure, should consult your health care provider or just avoid drinking dandelion tea.

If you are an individual that is taking lithium for manic depression, drinking dandelion tea may exaggerate some side effects of your medication. It is also recommended that diabetics or anyone on blood thinning drugs such as Coumadin, or other forms of warfarin should avoid drinking dandelion tea.

dandelion greensDandelion tea recipe

There are at least three different types of tea made using the Dandelion. Some are made from dandelion roots, or dandelion leaves, or dandelion flowers.

Dandelion flower
tea is traditionally known to be an excellent tonic and good for the blood. Dandelion flower tea is simple. Simply take the blossoms and infuse them in hot water. Steep for 3 to 5 minutes, strain and serve.

The root of the dandelion is the part of the plant used most often for medicinal purposes. It has been found that this is the part that provides the most health benefits. Dandelion root tea is available in teabags.

To make fresh dandelion leaf tea take six to eight dandelion leaves for each cup of tea you plan to make. The leaves should be torn into pieces, before placing them into the cup. Boiling water should then be poured into the cup, and the tea should be left to steep for 5-10 minutes. Strain before drinking. Sweeten with honey or sugar.


The best tea, of course, is found fresh from your own yard if it is not treated with pesticides. Dig up the dandelions, roots and all. Wash them and put the flowers, the leaves and roots into a pan with about 3 cups of water. Add a pinch of baking powder. Bring to a boil. Continue to boil for 3 to 5 minutes. Add honey or sugar and lemon to taste. You can of course eat the boiled plants if you like as well.

You can buy dandelion tea here by typing the words dandelion tea into the search box on the left column.

Disclaimer: Herbs can trigger side effects and can interact with other herbs, supplements, or prescribed and over the counter medications. For these reasons, herbs and medication should be taken with care. Always consult your health care practitioner.


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