Coffee bean and tea leaf, surprising information about their caffeine content.

Does the coffee bean and tea leaf have different amounts of caffeine?

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Most people are aware that the coffee bean and tea leaf both contain caffeine. Did you know that dry coffee beans and the dry tea leaf can both have about the same amount of caffeine? Some loose leaf tea may contain more caffeine.

Coffee bean and tea-leaf how are they processed

Leaf tea is plucked then processed in different ways. If it is basically picked and not oxidized it becomes white tea. This contains the least amount of caffeine. Some oxidization results in green tea and this has more caffeine. Complete oxidation becomes black tea. This tea will have the most caffeine. According to the International Coffee Organization all of this leaf tea has less caffeine than the coffee bean when it is brewed for drinking.

Coffee beans are hand picked when they are ripe red cherries. Inside the cherry are two coffee beans. These are the beans used to brew coffee. One method of processing coffee beans is called the wet processing method.

The fruit or pulp of the coffee cherry is removed to reveal the beans inside. These beans are then left to set in water for a period of time. This is the fermentation period. At the end of this period any pulp that has remained is washed off. The beans are then spread out in a thin layer to dry.

Now we have what is called a green bean. These are shipped to roasters to roast the beans to a particular recipe to become dark roast, light roast and other roasting recipes.

Black loose leaf tea which has the most caffeine content actually contains more caffeine than coffee exact weight to exact weight. So one pound of coffee beans or dry grounds compared to one pound of dry tea leaves can have the same amount of caffeine.(depending on the tea type: white, green or black)

How does that cup of coffee end up containing more caffeine?

To brew tea less of the leaf tea is used. This is the reason the actual liquor contains less caffeine than coffee. More coffee beans or grounds are needed to produce that same amount of coffee liquor. The result is more caffeine per 5 ounce cup of coffee.

Generally one teaspoon of leaf tea is needed to brew one five ounce cup of tea. To make a five ounce cup of coffee two tablespoons of ground beans are needed. So the mystery is solved, this answers the question of why the coffee beverage contains more caffeine.

If you want to drink less caffeine switching from your cup of coffee to your cup of tea may be your answer.

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