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cinnamon teaCinnamon tea, one among many herbal teas that offer health benefits to us. Apple, spice, and cardamom, are all found as complements to cinnamon tea, which add flavor and aroma to this once elite spice. At one time, its demand funded the riches of Venice, while the Romans stocked it for the purpose of adding it to their wine. Today, it is common in desserts, breakfast dishes, coffees, and teas but little thought is given to the health benefits that this delicious spice contains.

Medicinal Advantages

Dating as far back as ancient Egyptian times when it was used for embalming, because of its antibacterial qualities, cinnamon has always been a popular market item. In the Middle Ages, more of its medicinal uses were discovered, such as its ability to aid with digestion, to act as an aphrodisiac, and to serve as a cold remedy. Recently, scientists have found that cinnamon contains 80 nutrients, along with these additional reasons to consume cinnamon tea.

Studies show that cinnamon may:

Not bad for something that most people already consume and enjoy.

The Facts

This common and inexpensive everyday spice originates from the bark of an evergreen tree scientifically known as Cinnamomum verum and is found throughout cinnamon treeSri Lanka and South India. The brown bark of the cinnamon tree is processed into a dried tubular shape, also known as a quill, or is ground into a powder. For tea manufacturing, it is the bark and leaves that are put into the tea bags but cinnamon sticks can also act as a substitute.

Roughly 100 types of cinnamon trees exist but Ceylon, or “true cinnamon” and the Chinese variety known as “cassia”, are the most frequent ones used in production. Chinese and Ceylon, which have similar flavors, are both available in the form of cinnamon tea. Ceylon, however, is a little sweeter, better developed, costs more, and is sometimes difficult to come across in the North America. It is also the healthier of the two blends, as cassia is known to have higher levels of coumarins which pose a health risk if large quantities are ingested on a daily basis.

The Herbal Tea

This kind of herbal tea is available either in a bag or loose. It can be packaged in a box, tin, or sachet. It is often blended with both teas from the camillia seninsis plant as well as other herbs. You may find an assortment of blends, such as white, black, green, or apple.

Cinnamon tea has been around for many decades, helping people improve their health and relax while enjoying a warm beverage.

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