Chinese White Tea with Chrysanthemum, here's my take

white tea in cupThis Chinese white tea with the addition of chrysanthemums has a slightly darker or maybe brighter tinge of golden liquor.

Its scent was flowery and the flavor of the chrysanthemum makes a subtle appearance.

Absolutely no bitterness and I personally did not use any sweetener. It wasn't needed.

The liquid was very smooth and my throat enjoyed the warm contact and felt soothed.


This combination of sensations worked to relax me and relieve the tension of the day. With the health benefit of white tea being recognized more and more many people will no doubt find themselves ready to start trying this loose leaf tea beverage.


Conclusions on White Tea purchased from Golden Moon Tea

Dry- Long narrow buds stick like with some small individual leaves and stems with two leaves and a bud mixed with dried chrysanthemums.
Wet- The flowers reconstituted to original size. The buds of the tea leaf were long and stick like. The leaves unfolded to reveal their original size.

Brewed Chinese White Tea
loose white tea

Clear golden

Mild spice taste not vegetal at all

Flowery but not sweet flowery (as in roses)

I enjoyed this tea. Yes, I would purchase it again.

So there you have it, will this white tea prove to be your cup of tea?

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