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Chinese White Tea – Silver Needle

I could tell something was not right late last night. In the morning I awoke with a sore scratchy throat.

White tea


Having just been reading about the health benefits of white tea, I decided to brew some. I chose Silver Needle a Chinese White Tea. It was easy and quick to prepare in my Zarafina Tea Maker Suite.

I thought I’d pass along my take on one of the finest white teas available. This loose tea comes from the Fujian Provence of China. It is a rare tea produced from the buds and very tender leaves. This wonderful white tea is only harvested once a year in the early spring. The tea pluckers must work quickly as this harvest can only be done for a few days each year.

For these reasons you will find the white tea leaf to be more expensive and less available.

Organic Fujian Balhao Yinzhen

Long narrow leaves covered with tiny white hairs
When dry they sort of look like sticks
After brewing it looked like wet sticks
After examining closely it turns out to be one tea leaf wrapped around a delicate bud or two tea leaves around the bud
Its liquor is a clear very pale yellow

Very slightly vegetal much softer than a green tea

Delicate soft slightly sweet and vegetal.


White tea is plucked and aired dried in natural sunlight then steamed immediately. Other teas are processed in different ways that causes them to have less of the anti oxidants that offer the health benefit of tea. Chinese White Tea has three times as many antioxidant catechins (polyphenols) as green tea.

White tea is also produced in other areas such as

Ceylon White from Sri Lanka
Darjeeling White from India
Assam White also from India

Pace University of New York City had conducted a study on white tea in 2004. It found white tea to have antioxidants that may help fight some types of cancer. They also learned that an extract of white tea works against viruses and kills bacteria that can cause strep throat and pneumonia.

The Linus Pauling Institute at Oregon State University had released information on their study of white tea and cancer research even earlier. They did their study on four varieties of white tea. Dr. Dashwood who participated in the study has this to say about tea in general “White tea and tea in general, is a healthy alternative to other popular drinks, such as sodas,” says Dashwood. “But to be on the safe side, one should maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, regular exercise, and avoidance of smoking.”

You can imagine that armed with this information about the health benefit of tea, and white tea in particular, why I chose to drink Chinese White Tea this morning. I was glad I did. The liquid had a soothing effect on my throat after drinking one cup. Later in the afternoon I felt I needed to have another cup of tea to relieve my throat again.

I give it a thumbs up. It may be more expensive. It may be harder to find. It also may be just

your cup of tea as it is mine.

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