Childrens tea sets as holiday gifts?

Do you dread walking all over the neighborhood mall looking for childrens tea sets, kids toys or any other particular item you want?

Child porcelain tea sets

Part 2 Tea sets

I love childrens tea sets as a gift idea for little girls. Toddler age and up can enjoy a tea set for many years.

What do you think of my idea of finding tea sets or miniature tea pots by doing a Google or Yahoo search?  

You may be looking for something else that can be found on the internet. You may still find the Google search helpful.

Example: My daughter who is not sleeping well asked if she could have my favorite pillow. Yes, of course, Mom's want to help. Mom now has a sleeping problem. Enter the Google search for the exact pillow I bought some years ago. Ten minutes of searching has my new Primaloft pillow on its way here now (the exact same style).

Do you want your shopping expeiences to be less stressful?

Do you hate to go out in cold weather and fight crowds of shoppers for sale prices?

Do your feet hurt when walking all over malls?

Let's get back to internet shopping and how it can make you're life easier.

 Enter the internet

The advent of the internet has made my shopping life simple. I can do my shopping with my fingers instead of my feet. I buy Wu-yi tea one of the finest quality and have it delivered to my door. Other people have purchased childrens tea sets or Harry Potter toys. What do you wish you didn't have to leave the house to buy?

To use the internet we must first get over the fear of using our credit card on the net. It took a while for me to trust giving personal information like a credit card number.

Here is my Solution

Purchase from sites that display security lock signs like VeriSign. Verisign logoverisign lockCheck to see if the site is a member of the Better Business Bureau.BBB online logo

Get a credit card to use for internet shopping. Make sure not to have a high amount of credit available on that particular card. Plan to buy only what you can afford (don't spend more than what is in your checking account).Check that bill as soon as it arrives. You will want to examine every purchase showing on your bill. Most important, pay the bill in full.

Remember the idea of shopping on the net is to make your life less stressful. It allows you to have more time for things you enjoy.

Over spending would create more stress not less. If we are holiday shopping, it is not necessary to buy every gift at once. Spend what you can afford this month. Pay the bill in full when it arrives. Next month purchase more holiday gifts while staying within budget. The childrens tea sets will be on my bill this month and I'll send my payment immediately.

Tip: Credit card companies like to increase the amount you can charge. They will send you a nice letter. It will congratulate you for paying bills on time. Your credit limit is then automatically increased. DO NOT allow this to happen, call and say NO THANKS.

Oh No something is wrong with my bill

If the bill has an entry for something that you don't think you purchased, get on the phone right away. Find out who you are speaking with and take notes of the conversation. The only time this happened to me, I did make the purchase. The billing company was a name I didn't recognize.

BTW save any email that is a receipt for your purchases. Its second nature to save paper receipts, do the same with email receipts.

You now know how to safely use credit cards on the net.  Let's find something worth buying. You know I purchase loose tea, tea pots and lots of other things having to do with tea. I also buy a lot of my clothes from Coldwater Creek. That's a catalog that also has a web site.

Shop for childrens tea sets on line

Convenience is king today. How would you find an internet store to purchase a tea set?  Look in the search engines. Type a word or phrase into the search box. Buy childrens tea sets, ceramic tea pots, tea sets for kids and minature tea pots comes to mind. In a few seconds you will see web site descriptions on your computer screen.Buy Childrens tea set

Put your curser over one of the titles and click. You are now on your way to stress free shopping on line. You will soon find your childrens tea sets or whatever your searching for while sipping your own cup of children tea set

In my case I found what I was looking for at When I clicked on the page there displayed for me was a tea set with others to look at as well. childrens tea setThe bonus was when scrolling down the page a list of several books on tea parties were displayed. That's called getting two things done with one click.

Will this kind of shopping be your cup of tea?

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