Children and porcelain tea sets - let your kids invite you to their tea party

One way to encourage your children to use their imagination.

Child porcelain tea sets

Is anyone beside me starting to think that the holidays are around the corner?  I remember when I was young the holiday season kicked off the day after Thanksgiving. Now, however, the smart shopper is often done by now.

My sister is one of those people. I'm betting Beverly has most, if not all of her shopping done. That's not me; first of all I hate to shop. I put it off as long as I can.

I will start a list though. I'll enter names and make notes of what gift I think would be nice for that person.

Speaking of my list

I've been thinking lately of what I would look for to give a cute little girl as a holiday gift.. I'd want to introduce her to make believe tea parties. I'd love to look for miniature tea pots, just the right size for little girls. I think a tea etiquette book is definitely called for.

Little girls, and boys too for that matter, need to use their imagination. Children and porcelain tea sets make a good combination for imaginary friends and entertaining.

Children porcelain tea sets

Where are the stores that display children's tea sets? Where would you find them if you were looking?  A good source of information on children porcelain tea sets would be on the internet. I'm guessing a Google or Yahoo search would bring back some good results. Another good place to look on the internet would be the eBay auction site.

My little girl, would probably love to have some pretty tea clothes to dress up and make believe. Where are the stores that display pretty dress up tea party clothes? Will we be able to find big floppy hats? I think Toys R Us will have high heel shoes for pretend dress up for my little tea party girl. Toys R US, do they have an internet site? I'll bet they do. Google to the rescue again, we can find out by doing a search. While we're at it,let's look for a tea party book for children.

Now to the good part

Picture this, you're babysitting your granddaughter and she's playing a game on the internet. All of a sudden the power goes off. Now what are we going to do. This gram, that's me, has candles and matches where she can easily find them in the dark.  My little one and I light a candle and go rooting through our closet of make believe. We spot our miniature tea pots and our precious little cups and saucers. On another shelf are our feather boa and floppy hats.

Children like to invite friends to tea parties

We make our way to the toy box and lift Raggedy Ann and Paddington Bear out. They are all excited to come to our tea party. If Brittany's brother had been there he could attend and be Prince Charming or who? Probably he'd rather be Spiderman. Why don't you ask your little boy who he'd like to be? Can you help us out here?

Gram, again that's me or maybe you, can't put water on for a pot of fresh loose tea (no power remember). It's a good thing I made my peach rooibos iced tea this morning. We'll pour it into our miniature tea pots. Get scones from my freezer (always on hand), and prepare to entertain our friends by candle light.

Your granddaughter will no doubt want you to read from the tea etiquette book so Raggedy Ann and Paddington Bear know what this is all about. It will explain how children with porcelain tea sets can have make believe tea parties with their friends. Candle light works for that too.

Your grandchild and you can continue to use your own imaginations to pass the time. You can both put the experience in your memory boxes to bring out and enjoy when your 're together again sometime. I often bring out my memories of tea parties I shared with my mom and grandmother.

Is this something you would like to have as a special memory with your child or grandchild?

Children and porcelain tea sets helped us use our imaginations. We were not couch potatoes, we weren't afraid of the dark when the power went out. We could have fun without the internet or TV.

Can you help a child?

How can you help a child use his or her imagination? Ignite your own and pass the flame on to a child? Make time and have fun with children of all ages. Can you help bring back the world of make believe?

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