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Have a Fire and Ice Bridal Shower Tea Party

Unique bridal shower ideas will make for an unforgettable event. Make a fun statement that opposites attract bridal shower tea party.

man proposingWhen hosting a tea party, it is important to identify the theme and the colors you will be using. When you have made that decision, then you will begin by incorporating those colors into your invitation.

Here are some Fire and Ice color selections you may want to discuss with the bride to be:

Remember that your invitations set the tone for your tea party. Consider creating your own invitation that will create excitement and anticipation. How about a tri fold that has interlocking flames? Open the invitation up and the writing is in your accent color.

Is this going to be a couple’s bridal shower tea party? How about an outdoor party with a fireplace fire pit? An ice arena is also a great place for a Fire and Ice themed bridal shower.

If you want something more sophisticated, break out the good white china, crystal and silver. Whether casual or sophisticated, you may want to let your guests know the dress requirements.

Setting the stage for the party is the fun part. We have some great ideas for some displays that will add inspiration and ambience to your evening. Consider making luminaries on the outside of your home to great your guests as they arrive. Fill white lunch size paper bags with sand and a votive candle and line your walkway with them to greet your guests.

Make a walkway of fake flames and fire as they enter your party area. Find out how:

An economical way to transform the room is to take iridescent helium balloons and place them in strategic spots in the room. To save money, blow up your white and silver balloons and attach them with iridescent curling ribbon to give the effect of icicles. You can even hang the balloons at various lengths from the ceiling with fishing line, to give a billowing cloud effect. Don’t forget to allow some to set around the lower areas to create a sense of snow.

flamesCreate a special place of honor for the bride to be to open her gifts by covering a chair in white or silver fabric. Scatter white and silver confetti, rock candy or crumble up white tissue paper to give the effect of snow piles around her chair. Craft flames around the back of her throne by purchasing an inexpensive tri fold screen and hand paint orange flames on it or drape it with orange fabric.

Want to have a dramatic “snowstorm” at the end of the party for your bride to be? Take a small funnel and fill the non helium balloons with snowflake confetti. As the party comes to a close, as a last party game, allow the guests to pop those balloons. You have just created an indoor snowstorm and a very memorable end to a great bridal shower.

Have a fireplace? Here is help on how to create deep blue flames for your fire and ice bridal shower tea party. (these will need to be prepared well in advance of your tea party)

Can you image several outside fire pits with blue flames? Your guests will be so impressed.

This is just the beginning, click here forpart 2 of fire and ice bridal tea party ideas

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