Tips on how to brew white tea using white loose leaf tea

Take the time to learn to brew white tea

Learning how to brew white tea using white loose leaf tea has it's advantages. White tea health benefits are known to many. Research on this type of tea has found it to have anti bacterial properties. It's a remedy I use to soothe a sore or scratchy throat.brew white tea 1

Learn how to brew loose tea using white tea loose leaf form


Loose leaf white tea has not always been widely available. These leaves are only plucked once a year in the spring. This is what makes white tea one of the rarest of teas. You will understand then why it is important to brew white tea properly. Let's get the job done well.

Tea brewing accessories will be needed

Gather the things you will need to brew the white tea. These will include the white loose leaf tea itself.

We have everything we need, now let's brew white tea


Most loose leaf teas are brewed the same way with the exception of the timing and water temperature.

The first step you will take is to start heating the filtered water in a kettle or pot. I bring my water to a boil and then allow the heat to decrease to about 180 to 185 degrees F. brew white teaRather than pouring very hot water into a cold tea pot fill the vessel with hot water to warm it up.

The loose leaf white tea will need to be measured correctly. More of the white tea leaves are needed to have a flavorful cup. Let's use the example of a Chinese white tea called White Peony. This loose leaf tea requires as much as 2 tablespoons per 5 to 8 ounces of water.

Place the measured leaf tea into a tea infuser or be ready to allow it to steep in the tea pot itself.(doing this will require you to strain the tea into each cup when it is ready) When our water reaches 185 degrees F- it's time to steep the leaves. Pour the hot water out of the tea pot you selected and put the infuser basket of loose leaves directly into the pot.

Timing is everything when brewing white loose leaf tea

To insure the best flavor of your tea set a timer for three to five minutes. Allowing tea leaves to steep too long produces a bitter cup of tea. You will not want to waste such a rare quality tea. Remove the infuser or pour the tea through a strainer into a delicate cup. brew white tea 2


NOTE: I personally prefer to use an infuser over straining the tea unless I will be pouring all the tea from the pot. Loose leaves left in the pot will continue to brew and become bitter.

That sounds easy right, and it is, now you can sip a healthy beverage and make this your cup of tea.

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