Brew oolong tea - How to brew loose tea

The right way to brew oolong tea

Brew Oolong TeaYou will want to brew oolong tea using oolong loose leaf tea. All tea in loose leaf form is favored over tea bags. Tea bags hold only dust and tiny pieces from the leavings of the oolong tea leaves being processed.


Tea brewing accessories

You will want to get your tea brewing accessories ready to prepare the oolong loose leaf tea. What are some of things you will need?

Using these accessories is how to make perfect tea.

Steps and tips for brewing tea

First pour the cold filtered water into a pot or kettle and bring it to a boil.

Tip: Never use water that has been previously boiled and left to sit. Water as it boils looses oxygen, allowing it to cool and reboil will affect the flavor of the oolong tea leaves.


While the water is heating prepare the tea pot you will use. To make a perfect cup of tea warm the tea pot you will be using with hot water. Measure the correct amount of oolong loose leaf tea. I always recommend following the instructions that come with the tea leaves. Let's assume you are brewing Wuyi Oolong leaf tea, a famous Chinese oolong tea harvested in Northern Fujian’s Wuyi Mountains. You will need 1 tablespoon for every 5 to 8 ounces of water.

My preference is to measure the loose leaves into an infuser rather than placing them directly into the tea pot. Doing it this way will eliminate having to strain the tea as it is being poured into the cups.

After the water in the kettle comes to a boil allow it to cool slightly. Wuyi loose leaf oolong is best brewed at 200 degrees F.

Discard the water that has been warming the tea pot. Place the infuser basket with the measured leaf tea into the tea pot, or place the leaves directly into the pot and fill with the 195 degree water.

Just as the water temperature is important the timing is also important. Many people believe that if they want their tea to be strong they need to steep or brew it for a long time. Wuyi Oolong leaf tea requires a 4 minute steeping time. Do you think letting the leaves set in the water for 8 to 10 minutes will give you a stronger better tasting oolong tea? The answer is "no". It will give you a bitter tasting tea.

What is the answer to a stronger cup? For a stronger flavor measure more oolong loose leaf tea into the infuser basket. Steep it for the recommended 4 minutes, no longer. This is how you get a stronger flavor without bitterness. When timing is completed, pour the tea into your cups and serve. Remember if you have added the leaves directly to the tea pot you will need to use a strainer to pour the tea through.

Health benefit of oolong tea

As with all tea oolong loose leaf tea has health benefits. We'll talk about that soon. In the mean time you can see it is easy to brew oolong tea. Would you also like to learn how to brew white tea, which is also a healthy drink?

Now that you know how to brew oolong tea, relax and enjoy your cup of tea.


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