Consider a Boston Tea Party Theme
for Your Fourth Of July Party Ideas

A “ Boston Tea Party ” themed party is a boy in colonial clothesgreat way to kick off one of the biggest summer holidays. This theme will teach history and give you an opportunity to expand in your Fourth of July party ideas. Our forefathers may have thrown over a lot of tea into the Boston Harbor, but it wasn’t because they did not enjoy their tea! Bringing back a part of history and traditions of days gone by, will make your Fourth of July celebration a special event.

After all, this is a time to be thankful for being able to enjoy all the freedoms we have. It is a time to celebrate how lucky we are to be Americans and enjoy the freedoms our forefathers fought so hard to acquire.

This is a time when families get together and enjoy the beautiful outdoors. So let’s make this Fourth of July celebration a memorable one.

The first step to planning a “Boston Tea Party” event is to decide where you are going to have the party. You want plenty of room, and if possible, a way for everyone to be comfortable and cool.

If the theme is “Boston Tea Party” you will want to make invitations and plan on decorations in keeping with that theme. You may even want everyone to dress up for the theme. Remember, this was the colonial times. colonial hatThe colonists dressed up as Indians and threw the tea overboard to make a statement about taxation without representation. You may have your guests consider dressing up as colonists. Encourage them by giving a prize for the best costume!

Consider making everything, including the food red, white and blue! Ask everyone to bring something in one or all of these colors!

If you have children of different ages, you may even plan a reenactment of the “Boston Tea Party” as part of one of the activities.

Plan some fun activities around the “Boston Tea Party” theme.

Some of the Fourth of July party ideas might include:

Menu planning for the “Boston Tea Party” is important

In revolutionary times it was not unusual for everyone to bring a potluck dish. If that is your plan, have everyone decide what they are bringing ahead of time, so you will know what to expect.

These are some revolutionary menus for your Fourth of July party ideas menu:

Of course, you can get more creative! For more recipes to go with your Fourth of July party ideas click


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