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Review of Ceylon Sonata

This is a black tea that I would brew for 3 or 4 minutes using the boiling water recommended by Adagio Teas Ceylon Sonata Black Tea where this tea can be purchased.

The resulting beverage will have a rich brown color, and a mild earthy aroma.

If you enjoy a robust strong flavor this may be a good morning beverage for you to try. You may look for just a bit of a citrus taste. This tea will easily accept the addition of a dash of sugar and a little milk. Enjoy it with buttered toast or a muffin to break your fast.

Multiple Infusions

Remember that loose leaf tea may be re-infused; you may black tea Ceylon Sonatawish to enjoy a second cup after an evening meal as well. Drinking tea is for relaxing, what better time to do that than after a nice evening meal. Try it with desert or sip a cup alone. 

What about ice

An added plus - when iced, with a squirt of lemon juice and added sugar to taste, this tea makes an excellent iced tea. A refreshing afternoon pick-me-up for those hot summer afternoons, it has become my preferred iced tea.

A land famous for it's tea

This bold loose leaf tea, is grown in the highlands of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka used to be called Ceylon during the British colonial period. Its teas became so famous world wide that even though the name of the country changed, its tea exports continued to be known as Ceylon teas.

This particular loose leaf tea comes from the well known Kenilworth estate located in the Kandy region of Sri Lanka.

Ceylon Sonata tea has earned a permanent place in my pantry.


Review of Yunnan Gold black loose leaf tea


China’s Yunnan province, one of the oldest tea black tea golden yunnanproducing regions in the world, is the source for Adagio Teas Yunnan Gold black tea. This tea gets its name from the warm gold color of its tightly rolled loose leaves, which have a mild earthy aroma.

How to brew tea

As recommended, I brewed this tea for five minutes using boiling water, and was rewarded with a pleasant smooth drink with no bitterness. The flavor and aroma, while most enjoyable, are subtle and indefinably different from other black teas in my experience.This took some getting used to.

It is one of the few black teas that I can enjoy without added sugar. Undeterred by my initial success, however, I tried to improve the experience. I added a splash of milk and a teaspoonful of sugar. Milk and sugar gave the tea a different, but pleasant, flavor thatea pott many may enjoy.

I, however, found that these additions tend to overwhelm the subtle flavor of the unsweetened tea. This will definitely be a matter of personal choice for each to decide.

What about ice

I tried it also as an iced tea, but felt that it didn’t have the kick that I require in my traditional summer beverage.

Yunnan Gold is definitely a keeper. I’ll be stocking a tin in my pantry.

Brewing tea made easy

Take note of the two different tea pots used here. I use and like them both. The Ingenuitea brewer is my favorite because it is so simple to use. When you just want to make a cuppa for yourself, it's a handy tea pot to have.


Adagio Teas is the most popular destination for tea online. Some reasons for that are their superb customer-service marks, and free shipping on orders over $50.

Adagio also offers their teas in sample sizes a big benefit that allows you to try new varieties without breaking the bank. There is also their inovative tea pot in two sizes that makes brewing easy as you have seen here on this page.

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