Birthday Party Ideas
Treat Your Child and Her Friends
to a Teddy Bear Tea Party

teddy bear tea partyIf you find that you’re always struggling for birthday party ideas for your children, look at the books and songs that they like. For example, the Teddy Bears Picnic rhyme provides you with a whole range of ideas for their next party. Hosting a teddy bear tea party will give you plenty of scope for decoration and food ideas, as well as giving you the option of going on an actual picnic.

Bring A Bear
The most important part of any teddy bear tea party is that each guest must bring their favorite teddy bear. This should also include the adults coming to the party. As the host, you should always have a back-up plan, so make sure that your child is willing to lend some of their teddy bears to anyone who didn’t bring one.

What To Serve
One of the reasons why a tea party is one of the best birthday party ideas is that it is easy to cater, and depending on the age of your child, you can get them to do most of the hard work. Provide each child with a cover up or apron to protect their clothing. You could get them to make:

In terms of the drinks, many children will like the flavored tisanes peach rooibos or raspberry tea. Old time lemonade or flavored water are also good choices.

What To Play
Good birthday party ideas always incorporate plenty of games to keep your child and their friends occupied. The teddy bear party lends itself to variations on traditional party games, such as:

Tea Party Favors
Going along with your theme tea sets will also make nice party favors for little girls, depending on ages kids really seem to love blowing bubbles and bouncing balls. The Teddy Bear Picnic book is and idea. A trip to a toy store or a search on Amazon will give you more ideas.

Childrens tea party ideas such as the teddy bear’s picnic are plentiful, and the best birthday party ideas come from listening to what your children find interesting.

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