Birthday Party Ideas For Your Little Princess
How About Having a Disney Princesses Tea Party

Hosting a tea party is every little girls dream. Make it magical and fun and add the royal touch. Nothing is more fun for a little girl than to dress up as her favorite princess, invite all the other little princesses in the land to her castle to “sip” tea while celebrating a birthday pretending to be royalty.

Every little girl dreams of being one of the Disney princesses:

As a “formal” occasion, this can also be a great opportunity to introduce little ladies to party planning, table manners and the importance of sending thank you notes out after the party.

Once you have decided on the date and the theme, the next step is the invitations. The invitations set the tone for the party. For a princess tea party, this invitation must be of the most royal kind. Of course, if you do not have time, you can purchase princess like invitations. It is important to get the invitations out two to three weeks in advance of the party to give your guests time notice. Princesses have very busy social schedules and you want them to be able clear their social calendar to attend your royal birthday tea party.

Birthday Party Ideas and the Perfect Invitation

Here are a few suggestions to make your own royal invitations:

Purchase pretty linen paper from the local office supply store. Pastel pink is a pretty princess color to use. Use a fancy font.

Royal Princess (child's name)
Requests your presence at her
Disney Princesses Birthday Tea Party
At castle (Child's last name)
Your address
Please dress in your princess finery as this is a royal affair

Presentation is always the key to impressing your guests. If you have the time, hand delivering the invitations is a great way to do just that.

I have an idea for you that will make a fun impression and will not cost an arm and a leg. And it looks rather “royal’ too! Take time over the next few weeks to save empty paper towel rolls. Cut them in half. Roll your invitation and tie with a pretty ribbon. Place inside the small tube. Wrap each tube in very nice paper, making sure to cover the ends. Address and place postage on the tube and mail. The postal service will deliver. And imagine the delight of opening this invitation instead on an envelope. You will create such anticipation for your birthday tea party.

Now let’s plan the decorations

When hosting a tea party, the decorations can fit any budget. First decide on a color theme. Royal colors for a princess would be pastels shades of pink, purple and blues. Of course, glitter.

If you want the young princesses to feel special as they enter the castle, you may want to make a balloon arch way. Balloons made that go with your color theme set the stage as the royal guests enter your castle.

Consider making a sign next to the arch.

“Welcome to Castle (Your Last Name) by Royal Decree we are celebrating Princess (Birthday princess’s first name) with a Royal Birthday Tea Party”

Make sure you take pictures of each princess as she enters the castle.

The table is the main focus of any tea party. So you want to make this special. A table cloth in your theme color can be eye catching. Depending on the age of the girls, you may want to use paper products with Disney princess theme. You may also want to consider covering the chairs that little princesses will be sitting on with some material in keeping with your color theme. Tie big bows on the backs of the chairs to make them look special and “royal”.

You may chose to use real tea cups, saucers and tea pots. If you have parents to help, it is a great time to teach proper etiquette and allow the young princesses to have the tea party experience. Of course, I leave that decision up to you.

Place cards, with each princess’s name on it should be placed at each table setting. Since this is a “royal” event, the centerpiece may be the three tiered tea food server with all the fancy tea sandwiches and treats you will be serving your guests. I love flowers as a centerpiece for any tea party.

A fun surprise for each little princess when she comes to the table would be to find her very own fan. This is an easy and fun activity that you and your little princess may do before to prepare for the tea party. This is a perfect prop for your tea party guests and these lacy fans are easy to make.

Use a glue stick and place a paper doily over a sheet of colored paper in keeping with your theme. Then fold the sheet accordion style. To make a handhold, pinch together one shorter end and secure it with a rubber band.

We have to plan the menu, the birthday cake, plan the tea games and activities and we must not forget the party favors. Next, let’s plan the menu for the Disney Princess tea party.

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