A Baby Shower Tea Party Idea
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This Baby Shower Tea Party Idea
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Hosting a tea party as a baby shower can be a labor of love. It is a lovely way to help the mother-to-be celebrate her pregnancy and the upcoming debut of her brand new baby! The ladies you invite will be pleased that they are not attending a run of the mill, boring baby shower, and the mom-to-be will be thrilled.

Here's a baby shower tea party idea sure to please

One of the cutest is to do a nursery rhymes theme. You can pick your favorites, and decorate with them in mind. A great example would be the well known nursery rhyme, "Little Boy Blue," for a little boy baby shower. Adorable stuffed sheep scattered about will make the guests smile, while a sleeping doll snoozes under a haystack. Switch this to a baby girl theme by simply using the sheep with "Little Bo Peep."

Tea party invitations

If you don't want to use regular baby shower invitations, give the invitations a unique look. Use a picture of the excited parents with blank cards. You can add your own messages and a nice nursery rhyme poem. Try finding great baby themed stickers and embellishments in the scrap booking sections of stores. The personal touch that is used for these invitations will be noticed and appreciated.

Tea party decorations

As mentioned above continue your party theme on your table decorations You probably want to make this tea party more whimsical and incorporate soft, pretty colors. If you want to make it extra special, find old or damaged nursery rhyme books and take out pages with pretty pictures that are not baby shower tea party idea 2 damaged. Frame them and hang them around the room. If you can find cloth napkins that are fringed with pastel colors, they would be lovely.

Tea party games

While Looking for a baby shower tea party idea you will want to look for baby shower games. In sticking with the nursery rhyme theme, find a bunch of great old rhymes and have a contest to see who can finish the verses to them. You could even do a small scavenger hunt if you wanted, and hide little prizes for the winners! You could also go the easy route and purchase games on the internet for download. Check it out.

baby shower games

Great tea party menu ideas to compliment baby

For a tea party baby shower, how about this for an idea. Use 'baby' foods on your menu. For your tea sandwiches, try broiled green 'baby' tomatoes topped with grated cheddar cheese and bacon crumbles. These are delicious in thin pita herb breads.

Make a delicious salad from 'baby' spinach, cherry tomatoes and hard boiled eggs. An easy vinaigrette for this salad includes a half a cup of extra virgin olive oil, a fourth a cup of vinegar, 2 teaspoons of sugar, and a teaspoon each of fresh rosemary, fresh garlic and thyme with a bit of lemon juice.

It will be interesting to see if the guests pick up on the food theme.

baby shower tea party idea 3 Serve baby sized scones, grapes and cheddar cheese cubes, and strawberries with cream cheese and sugar served in phyllo dough. Add a mix of an equal amount of raisins and salty cashews for a great menu addition.

Serve a rooibos loose leaf tea (baby tea means no caffeine-good for mom and good for baby) like rooibos lemon tea. Other loose leaf teas your guests may enjoy are Earl Gray loose leaf tea or introduce them to an oolong loose leaf tea.

Tea party favor

Finally come up with a unique idea for tea pary favors that revolve around baby. A special magnitized picture frame with a poem about the soon to arrive baby.

A baby is coming as cute as can be
A boy or a girl we'll just have to see!

Let the guests know that mom and dad will send pictures to fill the frame after baby arrives. A favorite Aunt or special friend will anxiously wait to replace the poem with the picture of the new baby. I'm sure it will enjoy a special spot on the refridgerator in lots of homes.

If you relax and enjoy yourself while you're planning, you are sure to come up with a baby shower tea party idea that the mother-to-be and her guests will love.

While your planning you party enjoy drinking your cup of tea.

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