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The American Girl is a popular series that encourages girls to stand proud and tall, have big dreams and have goals. The young girls that are interested in the series of dolls and books enjoy a challenge and embrace a new adventure. So letÂ’s find some activities that will encourage creativity. If the guests have dolls, it might be fun to have an activity that they create home made matching tiaras or crowns for themselves and their dolls. After all, this is a day where they feel like a princess. You can purchase products at your local craft shop, or save yourself the trip and buy online.

How about working with the girls to make hand made necklace and bracelet for themselves. Tea party crafts can be fun. The smaller children may need more supervision than girls a little older. Doing this type of craft the children will end up with creative tea party favors that they designed themselves.

Create a patriotic star whirler just like Molly! I can remember way back when. I made these whirlers when I was a child and it's nice to see that some of the old activities are still around. I personally like to see children creating, working with their hands, dancing or imagining while they play rather than sitting Watching TV.

Create pom poms, how cool is that

Kit would love to make these tea party crafts. To create pom pom creatures, purchase eyes and pipe cleaners for antennae. Tie the pompom to the top of a pencil for a another very special party favor to take home.

How to make yarn falls: Yarn falls are a great way to add temporary excitement to your hair. These are easy to make yourself. The girls can make a fall for their dolls as well.

Making ribbon head bands will require some help from the adults, but this is a very popular item and the girls can wear them home.

Of course, feel free to visit for games, activities from the American Girl stores.

These tea party ideas should have you well on your way to hosting a very special American Girl birthday tea party.

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