An American Girl Birthday Tea Party

How To Plan An American Girl Birthday Tea Party For Your Little Girl

Looking for a birthday tea party idea? If your daughter is a fan of An American Girl dolls American girl and doll and book series you have a great idea for a birthday tea party. There are so many tea party ideas and themes with this series.

These dolls are very popular among the young girls of today. There are historical characters, as well as today’s modern girl series. You can have a theme based on one of the characters and their doll from the era they lived in.

These characters and their dolls will allow the young ladies to get creative and have fun and learn about another time. It can be an opportunity for them to spend an afternoon in another time period. You may want to ask each young lady to come dressed as their favorite American girl. If all the guests have dolls to accompany their character, ask them to bring them along to the tea party.

You want this to be a very memorable event for the children, so it is important to start with an invitation that will create excitement and anticipation. Being an American girl is about celebrating being a girl, it celebrates individuality, culture and style and the history of strong role models. These are characters that treasured traditions. You and your child may want to create and hand deliver your invitations dressed as your childs favorite character or doll.

For those girls that are older, you might create a hand written invitation on special paper. If you are good at calligraphy or know someone who is your invitation will indeed be special. The attention to detail will make this event an occasion that all will look forward to attending. After all, an American girl is open to learning new things and having a new adventure.

Make sure that you make your birthday party guests aware of the theme and don’t forget to invite their dolls as well.

You may want to ask them to come prepared to talk about their character and the era she lived in. Ask the children to talk about what they would like about living in that period of time. You could also turn that around, find out what dolls are coming to the party. Then tell the kids a little about the time period their dolls lived in.

For the younger girls, you may ask them to bring their own little tea pot so they can pour tea for themselves and their doll. In fact little tea pot sets would make cute party favors that the girls can continue to play with at home.

For the older girl, you may consider having a mystery party. Choose your favorite “An American Girl” mystery book and recreate the story as a theme for your party.

Decorating for an American girl birthday tea party can be as simple or as stylish as you like. If you are doing a theme for the era, read the books and learn about that era. If you are planning a simple afternoon tea, using linen table cloths and mix and match of the china will be fun for the girls. If you do not have any inexpensive china dishes or tea cups, consider taking a regular plate and putting a paper lace doily on top of the plate. Place a clear glass plate on the top and you have a fancy place setting. If you want to be a little more creative, cut our period pictures in keeping with your theme or pictures of the American Girl characters or American Girl dolls. Each place setting will have a different look and make each guest feel special. Of course, for the younger little lady, you may want to serve with tea sets that are suitable for their age.


Birthday tea party menu

The menu for a tea party should include finger foods such as fresh fruit skewers with yogurt dipping sauce and vegetable sticks with Ranch dipping sauce. Of course, you can serve the traditional tea party foods like scones, Devonshire cream, and lemon curd and fruit jams. Fruit fluffs (recipe can be found at the bottom) can be served in individual little serving dishes. Tea sandwiches cut in different shapes will make a very nice presentation.

You will want to offer an assortment of tea and tisanes for the girls. Make sure that the tea is not too hot to avoid any burns. Sugar cubes can be decorated with a small flower made of icing and placed on the tables to be put in the tea. You can also purchase already decorated sugar cubes for the table. This is one detail that the girls will talk about for a long time.

Activities for the birthday tea party will depend on the age of the girls. Watching a movie or reading from one of the birthday girl’s favorite books are some suggestions. I have found that children who have these dolls have no trouble making their own fun using their imagination and playing with their dolls together. At least that is what my own grandchildren were happy doing.

For a tasty party favor, think about tying a bow around a tiny tea cup with a homemade cookie attached for your guests to take home.Those party favors may not make it all the way home, however.

These ideas and suggestion should get you off to a good start. Help your little American Girl enjoy her special day with her friends.

Now to the recipe for Fruit Fluff

2 cups (16 ounces) vanilla yogurt
1 package (1 ounce) instant white chocolate or vanilla pudding mix
1 carton (8 ounces) whipped topping, thawed (I would make my own whipped cream here)
1 can (20 ounces) unsweetened pineapple tidbits, drained
1 can (11 ounces) mandarin oranges, drained
1/2 cup halved seedless red grapes (optional)

Directions: In a large bowl, whisk the yogurt and pudding mix for 2 minutes or until thickened. Fold in whipped topping or your own home made whipped cream. Fold in the fruit. Refrigerate until serving. Yield: 12 servings.

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