African rooibos, why ice it???

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African rooibos tisane

and ice, you can put health as a good reason to ice it. In our desire to find good healthy cold beverages for our families, let's not forget that rooibos teas can be served chilled and iced. This tisane is rich in antioxidants. It contains more antioxidants than are found in loose leaf green tea.

Rooibos tea benefits

Rooibos is an antioxidant tea and the health benefits of rooibos call out to be taken advantage of. So much has been written about antioxidants fighting the free radicals that damage our bodies. We need ammunition to fight the free radicals that can cause aging, diabetes, cancer, heart disease and many other diseases.

Red rooibos tea

1 quart of boiling filtered water
8 tablespoons of red rooibos tea
Honey or other sweetener to taste (optional)
1 Quart of very cold water

Place the loose leaf red rooibos in a tea sac or mesh tea ball
Put the sac or ball in a large enough heat proof pitcher to hold 2 quarts of tea
Pour the boiled water over the leaves
Brew the tea for 5 to 7 minutes
Remove the tea ball or sac
This leaves you with a concentrated iced tea
Let the concentrated tea cool
Add the very cold water

To serve pour into tall iced tea glasses and add ice
Garnish with orange slices or mint

Get ready to enjoy your daily dose of tea antioxidants. Make that several daily doses of antioxidants because!!!

Caffeine, the enemy of sleep

Realize that rooibos teas contains no caffeine. Enjoy a glass before bed without fear of being kept awake.

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