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Your Cup of Tea Notes, Issue #001 -- Good news about tea
August 26, 2007

Your cup of tea notes #1


1. Good News about tea

2. Tea Robot

1. Good News For Tea Drinkers

The caffeine found in tea and coffee is being found to help cognitive skills in older women remain in tact. Tea has about roughly half the caffeine as coffee; so it would be necessary to consume twice the amount of tea in a day. Not an issue with those of us who love tea. We would enjoy drinking six cups of flavorful loose tea a day.

Caffeine is thought to lower the levels of a protein called beta myloid found in our brains. A build up of this protein is a cause of Alzheimer's disease. The French National Institute for Health and Medical Research conducted the study. It is recognized that much more research needs to be done.


2. Tea Robot

What are some of the things you heard were coming, but refused to believe you would ever see.

The man driving his horse and buggy never expected to be behind the wheel of an automobile. Never mind moving sixty miles an hour or more.

The kids watching Star Wars for the first time probably never expected to actually see an R2D2 in action.

Enter the age of robotics

What does this have to do with tea your wondering.

Japan, one of the leaders in the field of robotics, have developed a tea robot that serves, that's right, tea. You may find this video fun to watch at

Ok, now you've seen it. Here's my take on it. Tea robot need to starts using loose leaf tea and good quality water to brew it. When he does that I'll be interested. Oh yes, I'm sure it will happen some day.

In the mean time, I think I'll drink up.

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