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Your Cup of Tea Notes, Issue #7
March 20, 2008


1. A peek inside another famous tea salon

2. Think iced tea

3. Tea in the news

4. Tea with friends in Iowa


A peek inside another famous tea salon

If you enjoyed watching Bill having tea at the Ritz you will want to see this next video. It's called Fran's world. After some horsing around Fran will take you into a very exclusive tea salon in New York City called Lady Mendels,

Lady Mendels is so exclusive you will not even find a sign out front. One may think they are visiting friends who live in a brownstone

Pay close attention to how the tea is being served. You may learn something new here.


Be sure to drop me a note saying if your enjoyed this video.


Think iced tea

The days are getting longer and soon the temperature here in the north will begin to creep up. Iced tea will be on everyone's mind. If you would like to try a stand alone white tea iced I suggest you give White Peony a try. For other iced tea ideas and recipes go to our web site start looking there.


Tea in the news

Tea in the news again, this time it is black tea. Researchers are finding that black tea may be useful as a preventative against diabetes. In the past green tea has gotten all the press. Researchers are extending their interest to almost every kind of tea for health benefits. Read the latest on black tea and health benefits in this article


Tea with friends in Iowa

What a pleasure to tell you about a new tea room near Des Moines Iowa. The owners Donna Hardin and her daughter Spenser describe the location this way.

"New Virginia is a "destination" drive from West Des Moines, Iowa & Des Moines, Iowa - about 35 minutes. We are also near the Bridges of Madison County - about 25 minutes; and 20 minutes from Indianola, where the Balloon Festival and Simpson College is...and last but not least...we are 15 minutes from the Casino in Osceola."

The Record Herald did a very nice piece announcing the grand opening which was March 15th. You will find the article here:

Donna and Spencer were tired but delighted by the end of opening day. For those of you lucky enough to live near by or planning a trip to Iowa make a reservation early.

Miss Spenser's Special-Teas is located at 3220 Wyoming St. in rural New Virginia, Iowa. To make a reservation, call (641) 342-1547.

This is your opportunity to visit a tea room with a different twist. Be sure to let us know what you thought of it.


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