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Your Cup of Tea Notes, Issue #8
April 17, 2008


1. Black Tea and Diabetes

2. Celebrity Apprentice, See Who Helped the Winner

3. The Accidental Tea Blend

4. Sri Lanka Four Years Later


Black Tea and Diabetes

Health benefits of tea continue to get attention. Studies are now recognizing not only green tea but black tea as a factor in diabetes prevention and management.

Link to an article on Black Tea and diabetes

Remember when making your tea to use black loose leaf tea for best flavor. Ceylon, from Sri Lanka and Assaum from India are two excellent varieties to try.


Celebrity Apprentice, See Who Helped the Winner

If only we could be there!

Piers Morgan named the Celebrity Apprentice 2008 recounts his strategy to win. Find out who he goes to for help and what she offers that brings in a $100,000 dollar bid at the auction. Read the story of the person who made the bid. Who was this person? What tragedy touched that person's life?

This season over $1 million dollars was raised for 14 different charities by the Celebrity Apprentice series. The hit TV show is hosted by Donald Trump.

Piers Morgan raised funds for The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund a leader in supporting the men and women of the Armed Forces and their families.

If you are wondering what this story has to do with loose leaf tea, you'll just have to read it.

Copy and paste this link into your browser to find out.

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The accidental loose leaf tea blend

I was recently reading the posts at the Afternoon Tea forum I visit. I always find some interesting story there. Here's one about an accidental tea blend.

The owner of Victorianna Teas tells us how she accidentally stored two different teas in the same container. I bet she was thinking it was probably going into the compost pile. Thankfully before discarding the loose leaves she brewed some of it. Victoria decided the taste was pleasant.

She offered samples of Earl's Blueberry Green to those of us who read her story. I have recently been working on iced tea recipes and the word blueberry got my interest. I asked for a sample.

The scent of blueberry drifted out of the package when I opened it. I wanted to taste it immediately. The liquor is very pale clear yellow color and I enjoyed the touch of blueberry. I tried this first as a hot tea and knew immediately I would want it iced as well.

I agree with Victoria when she felt that no sweetener was needed.

I've contacted her and she is sending me information about purchasing this new accidental tea blend. When I receive it, you will have it too.

Watch for an update in Your Cup of Tea Notes.


Sri Lanka four years later

Sri Lanka's tea industry

Can it be 4 years now since the Sunami hit Sri Lanka? The beaches and the tourist industy were destroyed at that time. Sri Lanka's tea farmers cultivate tea trees planted at high elevations. Their tea industry was saved from destruction by it's location. Even so, the loose leaf tea farmers were hard pressed to make a profit.

Dimah Tea, a conpany that sells much of Sri Lanka's loose leaf tea predicts a brighter future for tea farmers. Dimah Tea expects to see higher prices paid for tea. This will increase money paid to farmers. Hopefully this increase will also reach the tea pluckers and their families

In contrast the lives of many directly effected by the disaster are still waiting for a place to live and villages to be rebuildt. Political in fighting causes delays.


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