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Your Cup of Tea Notes, Issue #5
February 21, 2008


1. Afternoon tea at the Ritz

2. Welcome to a new family member

3.More on green tea research

4. What does "Coffee Fest" have to do with loose leaf tea?


Afternoon tea from a guy's point of view

Yes, we ladies are used to comments from our guys about our afternoon tea parties. We can give as good as we get (or even better) with our football season stories.

I found a cute video on afternoon tea at the Ritz. I think Bill is making fun of us, but you may like to see what is served at the Ritz. Just put up with Bill as he is putting up with his lady friends. Feast your eyes on tea at the Ritz.

I personally think Bill likes the champagne better than the Darjeeling tea. Check it out here.


Welcome to a new family member

We would like to welcome a new great grandson. Devon Christopher Wood was born on February 1st. Devon was born 6 weeks early, weighing in at 4lb 14 ounce. We are thankful he was given good care at Magee Women's Hospital in Pittsburgh. A nervous new mom brought Devon to Grammy's house to spend some time getting stronger.


Researchers are leaving people confused

Over the years I have noticed that one product that is touted as the newest break through in some study later becomes an enemy. Will this be true of green loose leaf tea and green tea supplements as well? Only time will tell what the future will bring.
For now we must each use our own judgment to decide if this beverage will improve our life and health. While many studies are finding health benefits, others are worried about the amount of caffeine and its effect on our bodies. Still other researchers are saying that the caffeine in tea may ward off Alzheimer's disease.

Fluoride found in green tea is another issue being studied. I remember taking my small children to the dentist for fluoride treatments. It was and is added to water and toothpaste. Now it is under investigation as being a toxin.

It now seems clear that this is not a substance we should consume large amounts of. Yet there is conflicting opinion and as always more studies need to be done.

I'll continue to hunt for answers and news on the latest studies.

I'll also continue to enjoy my loose leaf tea in moderation .


What does "Coffee Fest" have to do with loose leaf tea

Paul and I just returned from Coffee Fest, held in DC.

This is a conference held once a year where you can learn a lot about coffee. We knew there would be a lot of information on loose leaf tea as well.

Here's an interesting tea fact I picked up at one of the tea lectures.

Lapsong Suchong tea has a smoky flavor. When tea was originally transported from China to Russia it went by Camel caravan. At days end fires were built and the camels rested near the fires. After several weeks the tea they carried picked up the smokey scent and flavor.
(Presented in a lecture given by Linda Smith of Divinitea)
Today this flavor is produced by drying the tea leaves in baskets over pine fires.

New tea gadget coming your way

I saw all kinds of new gadgets and useful things for the loose leaf tea drinker. One I brought home with me is a new travel mug. It has an infuser basket that sits down into the top of the mug.

After brewing your tea in the mug the basket may be removed and a sipping lid inserted. It can also be closed with a screw on lid.

I'm sipping White Persian Melon tea from the mug as I am telling you about it. I noticed that some of the smaller leaves did get into the bottom of the cup, but the sipping lid has one side that filters the tea again. I'm not getting any leaves as I drink it.

This is a very delicate white tea with the essence of melon sprayed on the leaves. The smaller leaves left in the brew are not turning bitter. I will not use this mug for other teas, such as black loose leaf tea that become quite bitter if they are over steeped.

Keep that in mind when you see it come out on the market at your tea shops.


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