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Your Cup of Tea Notes, Issue #12
August 23, 2008


1. Display Teas

2. Visit a Teapot Exhibit

3. Check Out what's New at Your-cup-of-tea

4. A Reminder


Display Teas

Relax and enjoy the work of nature and the work of the tea artisian.

A few of these works of art may also be purchased at Adagio Tea by typing display tea into the search box. Adagio Teas


Visit a Teapot Exhibit

Do you live near Durham, North Carolina? If not will you be traveling around that area before the middle of September? Here's a sight for tea lovers to see.

The Cedar Creek Gallery National Teapot Show is in full swing there now. The display put on by Cedar Creek Gallery was the brain child of Sid Oakley, a potter. Of the 220 teapots being showcased you will find many functional and esthetic works of art.

Bring your wallet, you just may find something wonderful to add to your collection.

A more thorough discussion of the art show can be read here.

If you are not fortunate enough to be close enough to visit the Cedar Creek Gallery you can still enjoy viewing the teapots here.


Check Out what's New at Your-cup-of-tea

Visit your cup of tea blog to find a refreshing mint tea recipe shared with us by a reader from Boston. Susan even offered us tips on how to grow our own mint.

We also visited a tea shop located in Avon By The Sea, New Jersey. Take a look at our opinion of it here.


A Reminder

Just a reminder we have implemented a new feature on our site.

I think those of you who want the latest information on tea and health from all over the world will be pleased. Google gathers news from over 4000 sources. We are going to keep you up to date on green tea health benefits through the Google news feed.

Now you will make one stop for several articles on green tea instead of investing time typing, searching assessing and moving on. Let your-cup-of-tea bring the latest news to you.


If you have questions, we'll try to find answers. Submit questions here.

If you have ideas of ways to make our e-zine or web site better let us know here.

If you'd like to share pictures of your tea party email

Until next time I hope you enjoyed-- your cup of tea notes Visit us at

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