Apple Tea Parties - Have Fun With Your Children and Grandchildren

Tea parties and family memories. It's a good thing.

sliced applesIsn't it nice to have special memories of your childhood? One of my favorite memories involves our parties with tea and apples. This is something my sister and I shared with my grandmother and my mother.

Years later my mother held the apple party with me and my grandchildren. I can trace this party back five generations in our family.

Happy family memories are something to be thankful for, and I am thankful.

Our family version of the apple tea-party

Grandma or mom would make tea. When my sister and I were very young we had little china tea sets with all the accessories. One of us would be excited to be the one who was allowed to pour the tea.

Grandma had several apple trees in her yard. I guess that's why she served very thinly sliced apples. They were sprinkled with sugar. Of course in those days sugar wasn't frowned on. Some days she had her home made cookies too.

The tea-party always called for a trip to Grandma's attic. There was a treasure of old dress up clothes stored in trunks up there.

I remember one of my Great Aunts had a fox fur thing. It wasn't exactly a collar but it draped dramatically over my shoulder, of course it was too big. I remember clearly that it actually had the animal head on it. I'd be saying yuk today.

Back then I felt pretty grown up and classy. After all we were wearing fancy hats and high heeled shoes too.

When the apple party got down to my grandchildren the dressing up included lipstick and eye shadow. No such thing for my sister and me. No lipstick but lots of laughter and hugs.

So now you know about apple tea-parties. I'll be adding descriptions and ideas for other tea parties when I get the chance. I think a tea party would make a great birthday idea for some lucky little girls.

In the meantime here is one of little treasures that is growing up toward the apple tea party. She's in practice mode right now.

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