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We plan to add Special Tea items as we find unique, fun or useful things. Right now we are limited to just one item, but we are excited to be able to offer it to our loose leaf tea lover readers.

tea wallet

$24.95 plus shipping
buy two or more wallets going to the same address and shipping is FREE


Called the tea wallet, this is not just any tea wallet that holds tea bags. This is a Special Tea item for the loose leaf tea lover.

If you are tired of dining at a wonderful restaurant and being offered mediocre tea bags, take your own loose leaf tea. Now doing that couldn't be easier.

Our Tea Wallet holds a small tea tin (2 provided) with an inside pouch for your tea filter or sacs (provided). Made of high quality 100% cotton fabric - Our Loose Tea Wallet comes with 2 food safe tea tins. The tins have a see thru lid and each holds 20 - 25 grams of your favorite loose tea (depending on leaf cut and variety). You will also receive a sample package of disposable tea filters. Tea is not included.

The compact size measuring approximately 3" high, 3½" wide by 1¼" deep is a convenient size for tucking in your purse. Keep one in your purse or briefcase and enjoy the best in tea experience when you dine out.

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