Loose Leaf Tea and Christmas Tea Party Ideas

Serve Leaf Tea Spice Up Your Christmas Tea Party Holiday Flavors

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Share your loose leaf tea, some delicious tea party foods and your time with friends.

It is time for a room filled with people you care about, bite size food, laughter and hot loose tea. It is time for a Christmas tea party. Share the spirit of the season with your friends and loved ones. They will appreciate the time with you and you will enjoy the soothing benefits of indulging your love of loose leaf tea.

Christmas tea party ideas

A Christmas tea party can be as elaborate or laid back as you would like. Really what sets this tea party apart is the particular tea leaves you serve. At Christmas time, serve the hot spiced teas or the mint teas.

You can purchase Organic Apple Spice or Pumpkin Spice Tea from Divinitea. Or make your own spice tea by brewing a Ceylon estate leaf tea and adding dried orange peel and whole cloves. From Rishi Tea we can find Moroccan Mint, Organic Green Leaf Tea. It makes me think of candy canes. Along with these offer your Ceylon tea with out added spices for those who prefer the tried and true. Not everyone likes change or trying new things.

What about Christmas tea party ideas and a menu

Scones are a must at any tea party and Cranberry nut scones with Devon cream will be perfect.

Tea sandwiches can include traditional cucumber sandwiches on white bread, date nut bread with cream cheese filling and sliced deli smoked turkey topped with apple cranberry chutney on whole wheat bread.

What better time of the year for sweets. Serve small squares of fudge and divinity that you can decorate with small Christmas ornaments made of frosting. You can go all out and decorate cookies with fancy decorations or you can simply offer sugar cookies that are topped with frosting and sprinkles. You could also offer the delicate wafer cookies with colored filling.

Display an assortment of nuts and dried fruit for your guests to enjoy.

Christmas tea party ideas and a theme

If you are looking for a theme for your tea party, why not invite your group to do a Cookie Swap tea party. The only rule being the cookies must be home made. There isn’t a better time of the year for a cookie swap. It's true that we can buy cookies that are beautiful, but nothing says "I care" like home made. While everyone sits and enjoys the tea, the cookies and the time with friends consider creating a recipe file for each other. Have everyone bring their favorite cookie and enough copies of their recipe for each guest. Put them all together as a wonderful reminder of the Cookie Swap Christmas tea party.

For a second tea party theme idea invite your guests to a Wrapping Party. Have your guests bring all the gifts they have to wrap along with their paper, tape, ribbon and scissors. Everyone can enjoy each others company while wrapping all those presents, instead of waiting until Christmas Eve. This will make your party not only fun and relaxing, but it also helps everyone tackle the one part of Christmas that drives most insane, wrapping presents.

Be prepared with garbage bags for scraps of paper and ribbon that will need to be thrown away. Have extra scissors and tape on hand for anyone who forgets to bring everything they need. If one of your guests is particularly good at making bows have one person do her wrapping while she makes all the bows.

Although it's nice to do one of the party themes above just getting together to catch up and appreciate your friends and family is reason enough at Christmas or any time to plan a tea party.

Do you need decorating ideas for your Christmas tea party

Decorating is really the easier part of the tea party. Look around your home, it is probably already decorated. Borrow items for your table and buffet. Placing a small wreath in the center of the table is a simple and beautiful center piece. If you purchase fresh pine wreaths the scent of evergreens will fill the air. Place a smaller sized clear glass bowl in the center of the wreath and fill it with tree ornaments. This centerpiece idea will be beautiful while allowing for easy conversation across the table.

Put a Christmas ornament at each place setting for your guests to take home to remember this special event. If your are a crafty person making the ornaments yourself will give the them special meaning.

If you have holiday dinnerware, now is the time to use it. Just placing a sprig of holly on top of each napkin will add a festive look to your Christmas tea party. Often people have dishes of potpourri sitting out. Use that idea to displaying many varieties of loose leaf tea and fruit tisanes. This will add color and also wonderful scents for your guests to enjoy.

See my article on planning a tea party for time line and lists that may be useful to you.

When I think of winter party's snow always comes to mind. I often go to craft stores and buy the glistening artificial snow to sprinkle around my table and buffet.

Tip: If storage is not a problem for you shop for Christmas decorations the day after the holiday. You will find beautiful things at much reduced prices to use next year.

This should help give you a few ideas and put you into the holiday entertaining frame of mind. Celebrate the tea leaf and the holiday together.

Keep in mind that a tea party is a great way to have a bridal shower or a baby shower. If your looking for help with either of these types of parties check out our pages on them.

While you're working on your own plans for your Christmas tea party, relax and enjoy your cup of tea.

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